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The World of Outsourcing – Next Big Thing

When times get tough, there’s one thing you can count on – technology. COVID19 has the whole world is locked down, IT still stands tall and one of the only industries that are still going on without major disruptions. There is a window of opportunity here for those who were planning to scale in terms of technology. The world of outsourcing is the next big thing! If you are looking at building an online presence, or upgrade your legacy systems or thinking of a new technology solution for your customers, outsourcing the task today – even in the face of crisis, could bring you better results when the lockdown is called off!

The World of Outsourcing

Everything in business need not be handled in-house. As a business grows, there is a lot of segregation that needs to be done. Separate areas of work demand expertise of different types. So, if there is a business process that requires expertise, rather than hiring in-house resources, it is a good idea to outsource it to someone who can handle it. Such type of operating model ensures that your business gets the best services in the area you are outsourcing and reduces your overall costs too.

Here’s why the world of outsourcing is the next big thing:

Expertise and Quality:

Let’s take the example of a business that sells products. When it comes to IT there is no need for this company to hire in-house resources. Outsourcing the entire IT and technology work to experts gives them greater quality and expertly executed processes.

Focus on the core business:

It gives your business more time to concentrate and focus on what you do best – your core business. You can strengthen the business by doing what you are good at and leaving the rest to the experts.


The infrastructure required for building a whole new department is no longer required if you outsource. The company you outsource to will have all the required tools and software that are required. You need not purchase new licenses too. You only get the finished product. Your only cost is – implementation.

Cost advantage:

This is an important one to factor in while deciding to outsource. If you decide to outsource, you can save on recurring costs of employees, infrastructure and even getting similar software developed locally. By outsourcing to India, there are a significant 60% savings in cost.

It’s many times not only about a cost advantage. Outsourcing technology development could be a big help to grow your business too!

The world is locked down – and while you stay home and stay safe, also be aware that is this the time to plan for the future of your business. Outsourcing to experts in technology who are still capable of helping your business scale and grow – will be one of the best decisions you take for your business!


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