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Will HR work die by Chatbots Coming

The invasion of chatbots in HR has triggered a lot of debates about the foreseeable future of HR work. Will HR work completely die? Will the future of Human Resources be completely taken over by the Chatbots? And lots more…

Well, in simple terms, a Chatbot is a computer program that is designed to simulate a conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. They come in various forms and could design to be as simple or as sophisticated as required. In whatever form they are used, they are becoming wildly popular by taking up the repetitive, mundane tasks that take up a lot of time and efforts. Chatbots can make a difference in the way things work in the HR department. They can help employees be constantly connected through their mobile devices and have the advantage of being connected 24/7. They will definitely make communication faster and easier.

  • Chatbots can provide quick and customized answers to potential applicants about the company and can provide quick and customized answers to the questions that any visitor could have.
  • They could provide organizations with a quick, customized and automated way to conduct performance reviews and prove to be great time savers. They can accumulate precise data from employees and ensure that the process is both efficient and effective.
  • HR teams usually send out a lot of information to their employees. Sometimes they forget to reply to important questions. An HR but can automate this and ensure that no queries from employees are missed.
  • Chatbots have more advanced functions than simply answering questions. They can be used to gather employee information and other data that can help an organization make informed decisions. They can collect real-time data to analyze what kind of questions do employees ask more frequently and can help determine the problems easily. This will reduce the frequently asked questions and increase employee satisfaction rates.

The Verdict

Although chatbots have many sophisticated features to complete a lot of mundane HR tasks, they aren’t as intelligent so as to take over the entire HR function. So, although these chatbots are invading and slowly encroaching the HR functionalities, they are not yet designed to completely take over. Nonetheless, the use of chatbots to aid, assist and replace a few HR related tasks definitely makes things easy and saves a lot of time too. If artificial intelligence is designed well, they have a very promising future in the HR world!


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