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What iBeacons can do for Enterprises?

Whenever asked to enterprises what do they understand by Beacon, they expresses a very basic idea. – A device used to push deals and offers to consumers. Of Course, this is true! However Beacons can do a lot more to change the way of business.

Beacons are small, low-powered transmitters that communicate with smart devices. Apple’s software implementation of beacons as of iOS 7 used for an indoor positioning system emerged as iBeacon.

How iBeacon works

Track the location of your workforce or things within the organisation
iBeacon for indoors provides accurate information not only about the location but also the floor number. A wise use can help to track the real time location of your people and assets.

Deploying a beacon will let you keep an eye on the restricted and dangerous areas. This concept would be an aid in enterprises associated with construction, mining, engineering and more.

How iBeacon can be used

Broadcasts the whether conditions or not consumed assets
iBeacons not only work for humans but also have potential to broadcast the whether conditions or unused property of organisation. Example ventilators, oxygen concentrators or other medical equipment that were not in use since couple of days. This feature would organise the management of hospital operations.

To know the location of the assets will always be essential for any enterprise. In such requisitions, scanning the potential of Beacons we can see its bright future and so do the iBeacons!



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