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Virtual reality is the next big advertising industry

Virtual Reality creates simulated, immersive computer-generated experiences through software and wearable devices. The user’s settings and surroundings are replaced with the simulated ones. VR technology is also interactive and the user can interact with the simulated surroundings too. VR is growing and seeping into the marketing field too and is poised to become the next big channel for brand communication and advertising.

Virtual Reality in advertising

Innovations in the advertising industry have become a growing part of the VR market. Rather than a set of slogans and attractive images, marketing will now be all about selling an experience that influences buying decisions. Consumers will experience the product in an exciting new way prior to the purchase. This type of virtual experiences will be crucial for the luxury travel segment, transportation, hospitality and many more.

Especially since the immersive experiences invite participation from the users, advertisers will earn the audience’s trust by demonstrating a product or a service, rather than simply telling them about it. The two-way communication (virtual) will grab greater attention.

The advertisements that include VR will genuinely ‘delight’ customers in more ways than what traditional media could achieve.

What’s next?

In a world where consumers expect more value addition from products and services they purchase rather than just good deals, customer engagement with real – lifelike experiences has become all the more crucial for marketing.

Right now, the Virtual Reality spaces are quite unsaturated by advertising content. Brands are steadily moving towards adopting VR as a part of their marketing strategies. With the growing number of VR device owners, more and more brands will inevitably tap into this space. Brands should, however, understand that the user experience is largely dependent on the ad delivery and creating content that is impactful enough to engage the customer is an important factor. VR in advertising is poised to be the next big thing in advertising – if implemented right!


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