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Trends of Mobile Gaming Industry in Future

The mobile gaming industry is growing quickly and the nature of mobile games has been challenging to say the least. Latest mobile gaming market insights reveal that the competition between vendors has risen drastically over the last year. Gaming publishers are trying their very best to offer mobile games which have huge retention power, easy game accessibility across the ages, infectious charm and consistent playability at all levels.

Mobile Gaming Industry

To make the most of the opportunity and to overcome challenges, gaming publishers are referring to futuristic trends and insights shared by top analyst firms, while concentrating on boosting revenue growth. The market trends are shared in the form of game marketing metrics. The mobile app development market is expected to grow considerably with the global mobile games market expected to rise by 27.3% annually, to literally double in 2016 and reach a whopping figure of $23.9 billion. According to game development metrics firm, the growth is fueled by a boost in the number of players, game payers, as well as higher average, spend per gamer since last year. The tablet games market will also witness a 400% growth until 2016, according to industry estimates, which would boost the turnover to around $10 billion. According to present statistics, about 966 million, which constitute 78% of all 1.2bn gamers worldwide, are interested in playing mobile games development.

The monthly average spend has surged sporadically over the past, but has now recently risen consistently, thus increasing the chances of better income through mobile games in the future. With 48% of the revenue derived from apps are from games, the Asia-Pacific region stands to be the biggest market for new and innovative gaming apps. China and South-East Asia boast considerable growth in terms of compound annual growth rate.

Reports suggest that the average monthly spend per mobile gamer in the paid category is the highest in Western Europe at a sizeable $4.40. North American gamers spend $3.87 on an average although the highest number of payers amongst players worldwide is the highest here (45%). Overall, gaming companies can concentrate on the gaming aficionados Western Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific will remain the most appealing markets for mobile game publishers.


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