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How Gaming Industry is taking Advantage of unity Framework

Unity FrameworkThe launch of Unity engine at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference completely turned the tables for the gaming industry. Prior to 2005, developing 2D and 3D games for different platforms cost a lot of time, money and efforts. Unity is a powerful cross-platform engine enabled for games development for 27 platforms. Plus, it comes with a user-friendly development environment. It provides a wealth of resources to create amazing 3D content such as intuitive tools, ready-made assets, clear documentation, tutorials etc. Things have really turned around for the gaming industry since the introduction of Unity Framework. The Unity 3D engine has around 45% of the Global Game Engine market. It is also a preferred tool for games development by 47% of the...


Offshore mobile development – where will you go?

The competition is fierce - and going mobile is no longer an ‘option’ to be considered – it’s almost become a mandate for businesses who wish to stay at the forefront. Mobile apps give businesses an edge over the others and help them interact and engage with their customers in a better way -anywhere, anytime. As more and more businesses go mobile, the demand for mobile application development keeps increasing exponentially. So, if you have decided to take the plunge and create a mobile app for your business, considering offshore mobile development should be your first option. Well, but why offshore development? And where will you go? Why offshore mobile development? Offshore development has its own advantages. Outsourcing today is...


New Opportunities & Challenges for iOS8 Developers

Along with the release of four major updates, the latest on the iPhone flagship devices is the iOS8. Even though several glitches and functional issues have yet to be fixed, the vast opportunities that have been brought to the forefront have resulted in tremendous excitement among professional iPhone app developers. Need for cross-device support: With the Handoff and Continuity features in the iOS, it is now crucial for every new app to have a perfectly functional OS X version as well along with the regular iOS version. This now means that it will no longer be sufficient for mobile app companies to make apps for a single range of devices (for instance, iPhones or iPads). That which was only a...