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Internet of things

Digital Transformation can leverage heavy saving for Energy Companies & Customers

Digital Transformation can leverage heavy saving for Energy Companies & CustomersTechnologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things), machine learning and big data have seeped through all the industry verticals and today even energy companies are leveraging through savings and greater efficiency. Some of the benefits of digital transformation in the energy sector are faster and better decision making, reduced risk due to real-time enabled support and the greatest risk for companies that do not adopt digital investments is to become uncompetitive. Digital transformation could mean heavy savings for energy companies. Here’s how: Digital capabilities boost operational excellence and help improve profitability to bring about more productive operations. Advanced analytics together with empowered operational data delivers actionable insights using the data generated by IoT and structured as...


Wondering what the future of industry looks like under the influence of IoT?

influence of IoTConnected appliances, autonomous cars, connected healthcare etc. – the ramifications of IoT are much more than these. IoT is likely to penetrate into more familiar industries – the ones that people barely think of while thinking of technology. It opens up a host of opportunities and a potential of new threats. Let’s take a look at some of the, perhaps unexpected ways in which IoT will influence other industries: Advertising With IoT, connections are established between everything from wearables to cars to other smart appliances. This creates a completely new channel and screens for advertising. Smart devices also enable the gathering of more granular data on customer patterns, preferences, and movements that helps marketers tailor advertising to maximum effect and...


IoT Connected Devices Prone to Cyber-attacks?

There is no doubt about Internet of things lowering down expenses and increasing overall productivity of businesses these days. However, researchers claim about its challenges regarding the authenticity in maintaining data security and its high chances of breaches. The judgement to this is proved to be right with the massive cyber-attack happened to major websites such as Amazon, Twitter and Spotify on 21st Oct 2016. Cybersecurity experts are yet not sure whether the reason behind this is IoT or something else. The IoT boom has spurge companies to connect more and more devices without giving a second thought. According to a BI Intelligence report, there will be roughly 24 billion IoT devices connected to the internet by 2020. The more adoption...


What will happen to IoT on Jul 29, 2015?

Number of Devices in IoTJust when we started believing that IoT won't be able to continue its hype, we can see a blockbuster peep. What is it all about that is going to change the way IoT functions. Will it be possible to welcome the invention of the industry or it would remain just in thoughts. Answer to all these questions are described in a nutshell here. What will IoT serve you? IoT holds the potential to work smartly ranging from kitchen appliances, equipment to medical devices to vehicle electrical systems. Imagine yourself returning home - a signal from your car is sent to the alarm which triggers the doors to get unlock. As the door gets unlocked a signal is sent to the...