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How Unity Can help you build the perfect gaming ecosystem

How Unity Can help you build the perfect gaming ecosystemUnity is a game engine that is used to create video games that can be released on multiple platforms that include computers, consoles, and mobile phones. Unity is also a great engine for working with the most popular VR platforms such as Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. It helps game developers in handling the 3D rendering, sound and the physics of the video game. The good thing about Unity is that the developer has to code just once and with a few modifications, it can be deployed on all the screens possible. Unity is also advantageous to publishers and advertisers. Ever since its launch in 2005, the game engine has gained a lot of momentum and is very popular due...


How Technology have Shaped the World of Mobile Games

How Technology have Shaped the World of Mobile GamesIf we look back at the start of the gaming industry, we all used to love games like snakes and bubble bounce. These games became pretty famous among the people after the launch by Nokia phone. The success of ‘Snake’ game paved the way for the whole mobile phone industry and mark the beginning of mind-blowing games. The ‘Bounce’ game was a classic game again by Nokia and it offered something new in each level that became the reason for its popularity. Well if we take a look at the increasing popularity of the gaming industry, we will know some major reasons for that, like below: There is no doubt about the increasing interest and sales of iPad and tablets...