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Deep Learning

Effects of Deep Learning on IT Services

Deep learning is findingDeep learning is finding its place in Artificial Intelligence and making AI more and smarter by the day. It involves the use of neural networks to improve speech recognition, vision and language processing in computers or robots etc. Deep learning – from being limited to the academic world, has now found an irreplaceable place in the tech world. In the tech world it enables machines to take on formerly human tasks such as translating, perceiving objects, voice recognition and lots more. It enables greater efficiency and innovation in the field of IT services. Deep learning differs from machine learning in that it doesn’t require human operators to command the machine or translate its output. Deep learning is mostly unsupervised and...


Machine Learning – Future of Data analytics

Machine Learning – Future of Data analyticsHave you ever thought of how a machine can learn? I find it fascinating that today you can set rules and certainly provide enough historical data to a computer, which will get it trained to do a specific task. Based on the rules and thesis data, the machine can be programmed to learn how to do tasks so that we humans have no way of knowing what steps it is explicitly subscribing to get the job done. It is like the brain, you can not cut open and understand the inner workings.   Machine learning is a scientific discipline that addresses the question "How can we program systems to learn and automatically improve with experience?" Learning in this context is...