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What is AI and How Deep Learning help to grow business

AI (Artificial intelligence) is making machines intelligent that can perform cognitive tasks like humans and even more efficient than humans with the help of complex computer programming and enormous data fed to get an optimal solution for the problem. Though AI came into existence since 1956, but due to lack of data and technology could not become a reality. Now proceeding further, there are two subsets of AI, Machine learning, and Deep learning. Machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, where deep artificial neural networks work as human brains and have networks capable of learning – unsupervised, from data that is unstructured or unlabeled. Let us see...


Chatbots: AI for Sales and Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing has had a significant impact on the way chatbots are used in recent times. Chatbots today are extremely sophisticated and versatile tools that can help you automate a number of your business processes. They are awesome tools for helping with customer care queries. Apart from that, AI-powered chatbots can be part of your marketing initiatives and help push your customers seamlessly through your sales funnel. Here are some ways chatbots can fit into your marketing strategy: A personalized experience Personalized interactions can completely alter the nature of any conversation. Chatbots integrate with social media and gather data about every single person that they interact with. So, these chatbots can be highly effective when interacting...


Redefining trends in BI that are set to explode in 2015

business-intelligence3Business Intelligence (BI) would embrace fresh strategic dimension in 2015 with a number of groundbreaking approaches appearing on the horizon.  These trends would radically transform the BI landscape and turbocharge the efficiency, responsiveness, engagement quotient and the bottom line of organizations. The prominent trends that would rock the BI space have been captured in a nutshell over here. New data governance policies would emerge to keep pace with self-service analytics Organizations would factor in the transforming landscape of business intelligence to better understand data governance in an era of self-service analytics. New breakthroughs in data security would be achieved to keep sensitive information safe while permitting relevant persons to seek needful answers from data. Modernising and Improving data collection approaches...