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Social Media Marketing For Big Brands

Social media has been around for over 40 years, but it’s just a little over a decade ago, that it has been successfully used as a marketing tool for both big brands and small. Branding used to be focused on print media and TV ads. Social media has recently played a very important role in building brand recognition. Branding is – how you make your customers feel. For Big brands, it is all the more important to align their social media strategies with the strategies they have been building on for years. Social media is also a very different platform altogether.

Social Media Marketing for Big Brands

Let’s take a look at how big brands can use social media for marketing:

Posting Daily

Posting content daily ensures constant user engagement with your brand. If you are not posting content daily, you risk the chance of losing both engagement and customers.

Boosting Posts

Organically, probably only 10% of your followers see what you post on social media. So, how do you build your brand and keep people engaged if they aren’t even seeing your posts? The answer: boost posts!

Using The Right Creative

80% of the people remember what they see than what they read or hear. So, make sure that you are posting the right creative for your social media posts.

Conversion Ads

Create Ads on social media that are specifically meant for targeting those people who will click and convert. Optimizing ads for conversions is definitely one way to get to those customers who actually wish to engage with your brand.

Growing Followers (organic and paid)

There are two ways of growing followers – organically and with paid ads. Facebook also has a page like a campaign to grow your followers. So, share amazing content and target it to the right audience.

Monitor Daily

Blindly posting every day will not help. Make sure that you monitor daily and check insights to check progress.


It’s important to have several touchpoints with your customers to warm them up to your brand. It’s a process until they finally turn into loyal customers. Retargeting ads and posts could do the trick.

So, whether a big brand or small, it’s essential that you have your social media strategies planned in advance. This will give you leverage over the other brands and keep your customers returning and loyal.


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