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ServerLess Apps: The future of Apps?

Even though cloud computing is taking over the tech world, the world still revolves around servers. But that’s going to change in the near future. It’s going to be a serverless world. Many of the cloud apps are moving towards this transformation.

ServerLess Apps: The future of Apps?

The Server and Data Centre Days: In the pre-cloud days, developers who wanted to build applications needed to think about server. They had to budget for servers and buy them or set it all up in a data centre. However, over time, with colocation facilities, server-based apps became easier to deploy. But this too required spending a lot of money, lots of time, and detailed planning.

The Cloud Days: Then came the era of the cloud. The seismic shift in computing – toward cloud computing delivered a dramatic improvement in cost, agility, scalability, and reliability. The cloud simply removed a significant chunk of work around managing and provisioning servers. The shift in thinking of servers in terms of hours was still a business construct. It made sense from a pricing standpoint – but this works only when you look at the world in terms of applications and blocks of servers to host them.

Enter the serverless concept: The concept of application in the cloud is quickly evolving. Monolithic application built on Ruby on Rails, Python and Django or other web app frameworks is giving way to a distributed system spread across a number of applications, processes, and data stores. It’s no longer about building a web app. It’s about building a distributed system of loosely coupled components in the cloud. Today, an increasing number of applications aren’t based on the notion of server-based applications. There are client apps and back-end data storage, but processing is increasingly taking place asynchronously outside of the app framework.

So, serverless does not mean that servers are no longer involved. It simply means that developers no longer have to think that much about them while developing apps. Computing resources get used as services without having to manage around physical capabilities and limits. Going serverless lets developers shift their focus from server level to task level. It takes the complexity away and enables developers to introduce simplicity in the operations of the application.


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