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Rental Marketplace Dedicated To Empowering Consumers

Right from property search to construction to signing contracts and rentals – technology has definitely made an inroad into the real estate industry in many ways. All these cumulatively will reshape the future of the real estate industry. Technology facilitates property discovery, map-based location services, amenities based searches, dynamic pricing models, Emi services, online agreements, and 360-degree videos and property bookings. The proliferation of property listing websites has completely changed the face of the rental marketplace too.

Rental marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers big

Here are some ways in which the rental marketplace tech trends are empowering customers:

Chatbots: Chatbots make it easy to address simple customer queries. The more advanced chatbots support ‘talk’ instead of ‘text’. People searching for real estate rentals can talk to a chatbot and get easy, accurate and instant answers.

Data and analytics: The need for increased personalization and customization gave rise to the use of machine learning and AI in the field of real estate rentals. Analysis of the data captured can give insights and predictive analytics can provide data on homeowners who are more probable to sell – even before they actually do.

The IoT: Connecting various devices operating on various technologies – how and where might it impact the real estate industry? For the rental industry, it could mean more connected rental spaces and people looking for rentals. For example, if there is a property for rent (or sale) the mobile device could pick up the signal and inform those in the vicinity looking for rentals.

There used to be a time when agents were the only source of information for real estate rentals or sales. Today, with technology, information is readily available and people can get first-hand information – with accurate data and without too much hassle straight from your mobile devices!


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