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Pokemon Go- Will it Support Google Cardboard in Near Future?

The world is going crazy with the launch of augmented reality’s killer app – ‘Pokemon Go’ for a week. Will it be killing further as virtual reality app too?

Pokemon Go - Will it Support Google Cardboard in Near Future?

The adoption rate is quite high and therefore the launch of this app has been limited to three countries. Fans have discovered an interesting mention of Google Cardboard within the app.

Settings >> Licenses – The details of software that developer Niantic used is listed in this section as “The following Open Source Software and 3rd Party Libraries went into the making of Pokemon Go.” He started with Google Cardboard.


It is a bit surprising as the expectation of this app increases to support a low-end headset in the app? Why else would Ninantic work with it? As we know, Pokemon Go asks players to explore the outside world to locate virtual creatures hidden in the real world. Once the location is pinned, Pokemon is visible within the world, using the camera and then caught by a dropping a Pokeball on them.

Many mobile-based VR headsets, including Google Cardboard, offer a space for your phone’s camera to access the outside world so that you can use this feature with a headset on. Therefore, in VR, you can view a 3D representation of Pokemon and feel their presence around you in the real world.

The question arises that if the developer has already worked with Google Cardboard, why isn’t support already included in the app? We assume that the app is in a stage of further improvements in terms of VR technology is yet under process. The developer may be possibly holding off so that it can support the upcoming Google Daydream platform.

Let’s wait and watch what happens next with the fastest rising app – Pokemon Go.


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