Mobile Security Tweaks For Enterprise Data

As more and more employees go mobile every day, enterprises find it increasingly difficult to keep the security knots tight and save the enterprise data from being compromised due to cyber attacks. Employees using mobile devices also access data and sensitive information that is stored on enterprise servers and cloud. But, cyber attackers pave their way through backend systems and the cloud.

Some of the mobile apps intentionally pull data from mobile devices. This information is usually user location, calendar entries, access to iCloud storage, etc. Enterprise data that is accessed through such phones are at a huge risk of leaks. Mobile apps are considered as the easiest targets for security breaches and enterprise data theft. Even certain legitimate apps are of high risk when it comes to enterprise data. Here are a few mobile security tweaks for securing your enterprise data

Connect to secure networks              

When you use the same mobile device for work and home and other public places, it’s not a practical choice to connect to public wi-fi. Unsecured wi-fi is always a threat and data can be easily intercepted.

Downloading apps from app stores

Downloading third-party apps is the easiest way to put your mobile device and enterprise data it is connected to – at risk. It is advised to download only legitimate apps from app stores.

Prevent your device from getting rooted

Although this feature allows more access and control over your device, it also allows unsigned apps to access your data and leaves your device vulnerable.

Data protection measures

Mobile OS such as Android and iOS come with preinstalled security measures. There are also ways in which you can encrypt your device and protect confidential information as well as corporate data.

Security apps

It’s always recommended to use security apps specifically those that offer anti-theft features such as remote wipe out, tracking as well as locking.

Strengthen passwords and permissions

Passwords and app permissions are a great way of limiting access to the apps that have confidential information.

Caution and care definitely bring down the threat and keeps your enterprise data more safe and secure.


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