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Machine Learning – Future of Data analytics

Have you ever thought of how a machine can learn? I find it fascinating that today you can set rules and certainly provide enough historical data to a computer, which will get it trained to do a specific task. Based on the rules and thesis data, the machine can be programmed to learn how to do tasks so that we humans have no way of knowing what steps it is explicitly subscribing to get the job done. It is like the brain, you can not cut open and understand the inner workings.

Machine Learning – Future of Data analytics


Machine learning is a scientific discipline that addresses the question “How can we program systems to learn and automatically improve with experience?” Learning in this context is not learning by heart, but recognizing Complex models and make intelligent data-based decisions.

Rather than creating code, we become trainers. Computers learn. It is called machine learning.

What has enabled Machine Learning to reach this point of inflection at the present time? Three things:

  1. We now have better algorithms.
  2. The drastic explosion of computing power.
  3. We, as human beings, have accumulated a great deal of data that machines can learn.

Benefits of Machine learning

Machine learning offers intelligent alternatives to the analysis of huge volumes of data. By developing fast and efficient algorithms and data-driven models for real-time processing of data, machine learning is able to produce accurate results and analytics.

How Gmail can sort your stuff and classify it into primary mail, updates, promotions, and social.

It is not the task of a human being, nor even a massive team – to update hundreds of stories every minute.


One could conclude that machine learning is the new avatar of Big data analysis. I did not know that simple regression/adjustment was part of machine learning and an essential element! In my opinion, anyone who deals with any type of data must take this course, just for the sake of it. You will certainly learn something useful.

At Verve Systems, we can help you with machine learning specialized in the IoT application, the ML is the main method among these computer applications in IoT. This kind of applications is fairly common these days, such as Google Maps and other GPS in the car system. The IoT application includes utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, retail, transportation and most of these applications require ML algorithms to translate the data into something easy to see.

Have a closer look at its opportunities:


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