Machine Learning

From Logo Design to Machine Learning: A rapid change in Information Systems

Technology has always been perceived as something that brings about a transformation – a change. There were simpler times – and there are times when things got complex. But the ultimate aim of technology has always been – to simplify the complexities – whether in business, in daily life, or in any aspect of work. Things as simple as logo designs were done manually – and then were drafted using creative technology. There was a time when people believed that what was a drawing without a paintbrush and canvas – today – digitally – creations exceed beauty and delight.

From Logo Design to Machine Learning - A rapid change in information systems

Machines that learn from patterns

Well, information and its analysis also saw a similar transformation. All IT systems have the ability to gather logs of what’s happening and what’s not. That’s a lot of information at hand which can be used, but – not without making ‘sense’ of it. When this available data is analyzed and made use of to predict and fix things or offer services, this data becomes intelligent information. Businesses use this data to improve business offerings. What good is any system, if we cannot learn from the past to better the future? Well, machine learning has been a boon to the industry which has transformed the way in which things work in many sectors.

Machine learning works on pattern recognition and computers can learn from these patterns to perform specific tasks without having programmed to do so.

Transformation is here!

From simple logo designs to intelligent computers learning from data and patterns, technology has seen a lot of changes and has transformed the way in which businesses work. There will soon be a time when there may not be so much dependency on programming either – how about a self-programming computer – that learns and reprograms itself – and helps other computers too?


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