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Is Website Development with Laravel PHP Framework Faster than the Others?

Laravel is joining the ranks of being the most popular PHP framework in recent times owing to the varied changes that it has introduced, compared to its predecessors.

Is Website Development with Laravel PHP Framework Faster than the Others?

Compared to CodeIgnitor, Laravel PHP Framework has introduced a lot of improvements for the benefit of the developers. The framework is built with the focus of writing simple and expressive code based on its syntax. The advantage of using this framework is to have a Web Application that is hugely developer-friendly and maintainable code.

Although Laravel Framework is still in its youth with just about three years old since its inception, it has been strongly built with several useful APIs and enhanced abilities compared to other PHP frameworks, a better code foundation, maintainability aspects, and several robust features.

Many companies are now vouching for Laravel to be used for website development and giving a cold shoulder to older technologies like CodeIgnitor. The framework also specializes in building reliable custom web applications in a swift manner. Most programming teams would prefer a framework which is new and improving, getting better than the stagnant technologies plaguing the PHP world. Use of different programming frameworks would lead to believe that developers now prefer Lavarel for website development. Companies even suggest the framework to devise solutions suited to the client’s requirements.

Laravel has already gathered quite a following, owing to its fantastic features and a strong roadmap for the future, designed by its makers.

One of the biggest advantages of working on Lavarel is Modularity. Since modules are built in via “bundles”, thus letting developers reuse code across the application. Eloquent ORM works super-fast making the entire process of working with database relations easier. The framework is extremely flexible and highly extensible since any developer can set up apps with a random folder structure that works well. The blade template engine is extremely fast as it first compiles to PHP and then caches the results. Also, it is extremely easy to add new features without having to make changes to the core of the framework. Reverse routing is also a useful feature in Lavarel. The framework features excellent documentation too.

Thus Lavarel is preferred by developers owing to its code reliability and maintainability and also includes a good foundation and huge community support on a consistent basis.

Development companies who specialize in Lavarel PHP framework have noted its strength, robustness, and flexibility in development processes. Strong, talented in-house team specialized and experienced in different PHP Frameworks including Laravel Framework. The PHP development companies can use programming builds based on the module, libraries, and tools with developers who can share libraries and implement complex functionality quickly through the framework.

Laravel PHP Framework is an opensource CMS Framework with expressive syntax & providing powerful tools for robust applications.


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