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How Unity Can help you build the perfect gaming ecosystem

Unity is a game engine that is used to create video games that can be released on multiple platforms that include computers, consoles, and mobile phones. Unity is also a great engine for working with the most popular VR platforms such as Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. It helps game developers in handling the 3D rendering, sound and the physics of the video game. The good thing about Unity is that the developer has to code just once and with a few modifications, it can be deployed on all the screens possible.

How Unity Can help you build the perfect gaming ecosystem

Unity is also advantageous to publishers and advertisers. Ever since its launch in 2005, the game engine has gained a lot of momentum and is very popular due to its low price subscription model. Unity today has more than 5 million registered developers that have published more than 200K games.

Here’s why Unity can help you build the perfect gaming ecosystem:

  • It’s cross-platform: Unity does not confine you to any single platform. It can be rendered to be used on platforms such as mobile, console, desktop, TV, AR, VR or the web.
  • All in one editor: Unity 3D has a powerful and easy to use the editor. It’s a complete package in itself. Unity has features that are highly flexible and diverse. It has play mode, storytelling tools, enlighten-powered real global illumination, advanced memory profiling, retarget-able animations and a whole lot of exciting features that aid in the game development process.
  • Play Mode: One of the best tools for rapid and iterative editing is Play Mode. The play mode takes you instantly inside the game and previews it – so that you can instantly test your code. You can correct the bugs immediately if any of the functionality is not working as expected.
  • Multiplayer: Unity is one of the simplest platforms to create real-time, networked games. These are also called as multiplayer games. It is also easy to implement and easily customizable too.
  • Unity Analytics: Unity has built-in analytics which can be found in the editor. You can discover insights about your game that you can use to make changes and improvements wherever necessary.

With all these awesome features, Unity can definitely help you build a perfect gaming ecosystem.


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