Augmented Reality

How to Transport from Virtual World to Real World?

We welcome new technologies with great expectation while we explore emerging trends around. Augmented reality is one of the much-talked technology these days. How can you start getting closer to AR?

With AR technology, while watching the screen of the phone it would let you step into the real world which is actually virtual. Pick up any AR supportive device and wear it on. You may get confused about which one to pick from various devices in the market. Here are few of the hot devices and apps that you should never miss such experience once in the lifetime.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition

The incarnation of smart glasses from Google is well known as Google Glass Enterprise Edition these days. What’s new about it? The device is now foldable and can attach to an accessory like headband made up of metal connecting to the nose of the wearer. Additionally, it supports 5GHz Wi-Fi with super saving battery, smooth & fast processor and advanced camera. Just wear them as your spectacles and start experiencing an entirely new world.

Google Glass

Microsoft Hololens

Never feel isolated even if you have no one around. Wrap the Hololens around your neck and jump into the movie world. It will let you visualize and work with your digital content in relation to your real world, unlocking new insights and capabilities. Bring your imaginary ideas to the real world with the help of this device. The possibility is not bound to the real world but a mixed reality in Hololens will allow to let you have 3D experience.


Samsung Gear VR

Samsung’s Gear VR as its tagline says is all about exploring as far and wide you can see. A band of glasses which would cover your eyes completely. Just move your head up and down and step into the exciting world. You can also connect your Samsung phone with it and watch a movie on the virtual screens of different sizes. 


Replace the confusion of finding and locating your friend while being around the crowd. Verve’s contribution to the world of Augmented reality is reflected in its new app launch – meetIn. It allows you to reach your real friend through virtual technology. Whether you have an Android phone or iPhone download it from the store and make the process of meeting a step easier.


Join meetIn now – iOS ( & Android (mymeetin)


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