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How to improve sales of online shop through AI/ML?

Modern technology has the power to reshape businesses. When it comes to E-Commerce stores, technology is one of the main advantages especially because the market is oversaturated and highly competitive. AI technology has already made its way into business operations – including E-Commerce. AI’s Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language processing capabilities are the main advantages of including this technology in the E-Commerce industry. AI can be included to develop great features for online stores to boost sales and grow the business.

Gather customer data: It all comes down to understanding customer needs, preferences, demands and expectations. Any E-Commerce store cannot meet customer expectations without understanding customer needs. AI can help gather and interpret data about consumers faster than any human data scientist can. The more accurate and relevant information is gathered, the more sales the E-Commerce store will generate due to informed and strategic decision making.

Retargeting leads: Many E-Commerce stores design retargeting campaigns to gain customers. All those leads that couldn’t be converted in one marketing campaign are retargeted in the next one. However, there is a lot of uncertainty whether the retargeting efforts will work. AI can step in to provide the most relevant customer information and aid the retargeting campaigns.

Decreasing cart abandonment: One of the things that is a persistent problem for E-Commerce stores is abandoned carts. Customers are ready to purchase, but leave before the checkout process. AI can help you automate the follow-up inquiries for any abandoned carts. AI can even provide data as to why the leads give up when they were so close to converting. For example, it could have been lack of payment options, technical glitches, shipping conditions and so on. This information can then be used to remove the obstacles that cause abandoned carts – thus increasing sales.

Enhancing customer experience: Customer experiences are among the most important factors for increasing sales. AI can help provide better customer experiences. Simple solutions like chatbots can help with first level customer support by communicating seamlessly with customers – 24*7.

AI is not only a means of helping businesses perform better, but also helps create an entirely new experience for customers who shop from your online store.


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