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How IOT will change the Transportation paradigm?

IoT has the ability to connect over 200 billion devices by 2020. Even today around 96% of the companies have chosen to invest in IoT and have already seen the benefits.

How IOT will change the Transportation paradigm?

Public transportation can benefit from IoT to make it more efficient, safer as well as offer a more pleasant ride for commuters and could also introduce certain financial savings too.

Creating a more efficient public transportation system

IoT connected trains could display arrivals and departures and give passengers enough time to plan their commute. When trains and buses are connected with technology, it gives us more data for analysis that can be aggregated to implement predictive analysis. Managers can receive alerts whenever the vehicle is due for maintenance. Rather than waiting for the parts to breakdown, you get notified so as to take proactive action.

Enhanced safety

IoT adds predictive analysis to public transportation. This means safer rides for the commuters as breakdowns can be detected before they actually happen. Since managers will know which parts are due for maintenance and can replace or repair them before they breakdown.

Better Commuting Experience

Today’s commuters already enjoy wi-fi and other tech services on public transportation. This allows them to check emails and other updates on the way to the office. Smart Bus stops with IoT devices could mean more features and a more enjoyable ride for everyone using public transportation.

Significant financial savings

IoT in public transportation enables more revenue streams. This increased revenue can be used to create smarter transportation in smart and more connected cities.

Future impact

Many changes are seen in the transportation industry and in future too IoT will continue to impact the transportation industry. The connectedness of public transport has made the rides for commuters very convenient, safe and more fun.


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