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Home Automation Using Android

21st Century, where a smart person working fewer hours is an asset rather than a person working for long hours but producing less work. Machines were developed by humans to make their efforts lesser and bring out more output. Today, we are totally dependent on machines to carry out our daily routines with fewer efforts. In short, machines made humans smart.

The main motive for the development of machines was to reduce the physical efforts of humans but the technology that came with it made the human life easier. The technology that we live nowadays has made our life simpler and easier to carry out. What you wish, your technology will smartly depict in its memory and will give you an astonishing result making you feel good and happy about it.

“Lazy people have turned out to be more smart and effective as they have reduced the work in bringing out a certain result”. If you do not want to do a certain thing, better try to eradicate its way of doing, that will make you more creative and smart indeed.

“Automation” – the use or introduction of automatic equipment in a manufacturing or other processor facility. On this same concept, Home Automation works. Home Automation means the electrical appliances or machinery that you are daily using in your home gets automated with some kind of technology (Android here).

The technology being used here is on both the software and hardware side. On the software side, the technology used is Android which acts as the Front End (what we see on our smartphones), and we are using SQLite as a database (where the events occurring are saved) for Back End. On the hardware side, we will use the Arduino board which will receive the signals sent from the Android device and will act upon the given set of commands. For example, if we will send ‘1’ from Android then Arduino will accept it and will turn the LED attached ON and on sending ‘0’ from the device, will turn LED OFF.

The working flow of the Home Automation Using Android is shown in the above image. The process flows in the following manner:

1. The app on the Android device sends a character to Bluetooth stick attached on the hardware aligned on the Arduino board.
2. Bluetooth stick receives the character and sends it to the Arduino board.
3. Processing program running on computer detects character across the serial port attached between the computer and the Arduino board. This will control the system and hence the LED will be turned ON or OFF.

Thus, we can operate any number of devices with the same method. The advantage with this application is we can reduce the chances of shock circuits occurring due to physical touch with the switches or appliances. The awareness regarding new technology can be brought into society. We can also control the power consumption as with a simple touch we can turn any device ON or OFF.

Also, the manual override feature of the application is important. For an example, if the hardware fails then you don’t need to worry how will you control the appliances as the manual process of controlling the appliances will be working.

Even, we can save electricity by using this application. We generally see advertisements of how to save power or many campaigns are carried out to save electricity, but hardly people implement it in their daily lives. For an example, if we have forgotten to turn OFF a tube light or fan or any electrical appliances while leaving the house, so the unnecessary wastage of power will take place which might impact even your electricity bill. With this application, you will be notified at regular intervals about which all appliances are ON and OFF and hence wherever you maybe you can easily turn OFF the fan at a single touch and can save some bucks for you with the grace of saving the power of the nation.

Thus, Home Automation System Using Android brings out new features and helps out in many ways to the society.


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