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How Gaming Industry is taking Advantage of unity Framework

The launch of Unity engine at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference completely turned the tables for the gaming industry. Prior to 2005, developing 2D and 3D games for different platforms cost a lot of time, money and efforts. Unity is a powerful cross-platform engine enabled for games development for 27 platforms. Plus, it comes with a user-friendly development environment. It provides a wealth of resources to create amazing 3D content such as intuitive tools, ready-made assets, clear documentation, tutorials etc.

Unity Framework

Things have really turned around for the gaming industry since the introduction of Unity Framework. The Unity 3D engine has around 45% of the Global Game Engine market. It is also a preferred tool for games development by 47% of the developers.

Here’s why it’s so popular and preferred:

  • The app developed extends support to 27 platforms. It can be easily shared between PC, Web and mobile platforms.
  • With the agile methodology, it enables speedy prototyping and constant releases which adds speed to your development process.
  • It has an integrated development editor that supports Javascript and C#.
  • High-quality audio and visual effects are supported and the visuals can be made adaptable on any screen and device without any distortion or compromise with the image quality.
  • Developers can debug the process at run time because all the game variables are displayed during gameplay.
  • It has exhaustive documentation that is easy to understand and has an explanation of all the topics from beginners to expert level.

In the realm of mobile application development, the mobile games industry is definitely in demand and platforms such as the Unity Framework, with the wealth of features it has to offer, shall also be in constant demand as the industry scales and more and smarter devices hit the market.


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