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Gain more mobile app engagement through redesigning your app

Unless your mobile app is engaging enough for the users, there’s hardly any way you can expect any returns. Your mobile app must not only capture the user’s attention but also be captivating enough to urge the user to do more – like make a purchase or send an inquiry etc. In short, the revenue potential of your business can diminish if there is any dip in the user engagement. In an age where a large chunk of digital sales happen via mobile apps, user engagement and hence the app design have become a crucial factor for success.

Every design has a shelf life. Today, the most attractive and successful designs become outdated and obsolete tomorrow. As a business, you will need to adopt the new wave of design and include all the latest technologies, features, screen sizes and functionalities to improve the user experience with your app. Keeping your customer’s needs in mind is the best way to begin. So, as times change and trends change, it is always a good idea to consider redesigning your mobile app.

Tips for redesigning your mobile app to maximize user engagement

Tip 1: Keep app interfaces simple and conversational

Ensure that your user interface is not too cluttered. If it’s too cluttered, the user may not be able to understand and will surely walk away. Make your interface as simple and as intuitive as possible.

Tip 2: Speed of the app should be uncompromised

No one likes waiting. Well, if it’s a mobile app, the wait times are even more crucial. Never compromise the speed of your app. Even if it’s one of its kind apps, long waiting times can have an adverse effect on the user.

Tip 3: Give app interface a personalized touch

Based on the user’s attributes and purchase history, give your customers a personalized interface. This greatly improves their interest and usability too.

Tip 4: Keep the data section short and simple

It’s best to not ask the user to enter a large amount of data before they begin using your app. Entering data on a mobile phone is tedious and repeated requests for the same information is actually irritating. So, keep the data section simple.

Tip 5: Use the right typography

The typography used on your site can either make or break the overall user experience on your mobile app. Ensure that the text is neither too large nor too small, and is legible.

Tip 6: Keep your Call to Action buttons large

Even though small buttons give a prettier look than bigger ones on a mobile phone, make the call to action button big and comfortable enough for all the users.

Tip 7: Use push-notifications

Use constant communication with the application’s users to grab their attention and ask them to return to the mobile app after a set period. Push notifications can really make a difference.

Tip 8: Gamify your app

Adding a little fun in the app by making it more interactive will greatly improve the mobile app user engagement directly.


Your mobile application acts as a perfect tool that bridges the gap between your business and your customers. It’s a good idea to redesign your mobile application and take your business’ online presence to a new level.


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