Why every mobile app needs to be an intelligent app

The new genres of intelligent apps have become a fundamental step towards man-machine interactions. Applications that understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ are considered as intelligent apps. Machine learning and data analytics are the backbones of such kind of an app ecosystem. This kind of an ecosystem essentially enables apps to suggest things, provide solutions or behave in a predictive way and in turn increasing efficiency. Intelligent apps have the ability to study user context and preferences, thereby predicting what users need. The main focus for businesses is the kind of experiences they want to deliver. When customer experiences need to be crafted intelligently, it requires the support of equally intelligent technology. Mobile apps have become the center point for customer interactions and each mobile app, if made intelligent enough, creates greater engagement and therefore greater customer satisfaction. Here’s what an intelligent mobile app can do for your brand:

  • They empower software to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information.
  • They can notify us with solutions to our potential problems and can take action without having to wait for human intervention.
  • Intelligent apps also enable task automation and can perform a predictive analysis to take appropriate action.
  • Intelligent apps create greater customer engagement.
  • As a business, they help improve efficiency in daily operations too.

Intelligent apps include data intelligence systems that are enabled by Machine Learning and provide rich, interactive experiences for users. This is exactly why intelligent apps are not ‘nice to have’ anymore – they are a ‘must have’. A large part of building customer trust and loyalty depends on the kind of experiences they have with your brand. Make the most of it! So, when you think of a mobile app, also think of how you can harness the power of technology to include ‘intelligence’ as an integral part of the app.


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