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Enterprise Mobility: Are you aware what challenges it brings?

Mobile solutions has always been a progressive genre. It definitely brings significant productivity. However, enterprise mobility is still grappling with some challenges. These must be overcome to ensure streamlined implementation of this amazing technology.


  • Direct app installation in personal devices pose security ad compliance problems that endanger integrity of sensitive corporate information
  • Access to personally identifiable information on corporate networks from endpoints can cause serious security breaches

Mobile data access

  • Haphazard storage of company data on multitude of workstations causes problem in accessing entire array of info under one roof while on the go
  • Ensuring security, consistency and fortification of networks and mobile devices from which data is being accessed by multiple workforce
  • Offering immunity to wearable devices from hacking attempts as the same have less complex security frameworks


  • Clearing mobile app development backlogs at the earliest to prevent adverse impact on cost competitiveness, employee productivity, customer service, prime business initiatives
  • Meeting shortage of efficient resources to cater to code oriented developmental needs and support multiple mobile devices and platforms

Running issues

  • Deplorable speed and performance of cloud network connectivity
  • Providing offline data access functionality and option for background synchronization when network speed is poor
  • Efficient integration with back end systems to deliver resources concurrently to front end mobile business models

Network back and Mobile workforce support

  • Building reliable and efficient network infrastructure keeping in perspective present and future mobility needs
  • Making fresh provisions for IT support to create a remote workforce with multiple workforce and to sustain productivity

Making up for skill deficiency

  • Finding strategic skills for networking and cyber protection needs
  • Enabling integration of fundamentally different technologies within the existing network framework
  • Devising proper training to address the existing skill gaps
  • Preparing leaders to fuel changes to tackle the phenomenal rise in data traffic

The aforesaid challenges need to be addressed tactfully to make the appeal of enterprise mobility more far-reaching.

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