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Enterprise Gamification

Gamification is a booming terminology in the corporate world at present. Enterprise Gamification simply aims to magnetize the human psychic behavior towards desired tasks to be accomplished with fruitful results. It is a series of intended principles and processes to inspire and engage the groups, communities and individuals to strive for the best outcomes.

It accelerates the growth ration of an organization. With the help of Enterprise Gamification, corporates can improve data quality, user engagement, timeliness, profit ratio and learning. It directly or indirectly boosts up human psychology to perform outstandingly and provide quality results.

The term ‘Gamification’ has been introduced in 2002 by Nick Pelling. However, it became popular in 2010 as a driving force to achieve targeted conclusions by offering monetary and non-monetary incentives to employees, customers, partners, suppliers and others. It helps enterprise sustain engagement and impel business outcomes.

It has become a process to strengthen the relationship between customers & enterprises, between employees & employers. It encourages human behavioral psychology to give effectiveness and efficiency towards work and production. Enterprise Gamification has been proved as a golden mean.

The experts say that this technique can be applied to human resource development, transportation, financial services and health care. Major Corporates implement this modus operandi to higher their economical graph and to establish position in the industry.

At Verve we have proven track record of implementing enterprise gamification solutions which help to efficiently carry out various business functions such as employee interactions, employee performance and skills measurement, Loyalty programs for retail customers, gamified customer support, Employee Training, gamified sales processes, etc. Verve provides Gamified Enterprise Application Development Services for both, Web and Mobile Platforms. Verve helps its clients to make Enterprise Gamification work as a touchstone and to transform organizational environment and sustain in competition.


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