How to scale up a complex eGovernance solutions

eGovernance refers to the process of using technology for simplifying and automating both the internal operations of government and its interactions with citizens. This kind of automation reduces costs and improves their response times without disrupting their existing government processes and essentially improves their effectiveness. The overhead is automatically reduced, creating value for both the government and the economy as a whole. Technology solutions should be scalable to include future technological development, government process’ changes and have backward integration with the legacy systems that are existing within the organization and cannot be done away with.

How to scale up a complex egovernance solutions

In order to scale up to complex eGovernance Solutions, here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • – Observe and model a hierarchy of the building blocks that can be used to abstract the government process to a higher semantic level.
  • – Understand and create a specific workflow for government processes independent of standards.
  • – Enable the reuse of effort across solutions by providing tools to develop generic parameterized applications or processes that can be stored in a repository that can be reused by various eGovernance projects with appropriate customization.
  • – Extend programming models to simplify multilingual and multi-device interfaces.
  • – Ability to integrate legacy applications, workflows and integrate everything to automate processes spanning several government agencies.
  • – The development and deployment of any new features added should be easily manageable.

Above all, the solution should be able to offer ease of operation to users too – even though the underlying technology may be complex in nature, the user-facing interface should be able to effectively simplify operations.

The technology solution should be able to accommodate future advancements in technology as well as government processes. The world is constantly changing and the technology solution needs to be scalable in itself as well. Government processes, rules, and regulations are under constant review too. Changes in any part should not render the application unusable. A lot of planning goes into creating a scalable eGovernance information technology solution.


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