Custom Mobile Apps and the Enterprise

While the enterprise mobile application market is still nascent, it is quite clear that it is a critical factor for success from both – the customer’s perspective as well as for the employees. Many enterprises consider mobile strategy at the top of their priority list. Yet, many times it is unclear to enterprises whether they should create a mobile app from scratch, use an app that requires customization, or purchase an app “off the shelf” from an app store.

Here’s why a custom mobile app for enterprises is the better option:

The complexities

Managing custom mobile applications sometimes introduces complexities in the organization even if the app is being built for a selected number of platforms. The major problem, however, is that these organizations evolve with time and change and so do their technology needs. A custom app will also need to be upgraded or updated according to these changing trends.

Security issues

For enterprise apps, data and device security will always be paramount. Enterprises must not only focus on the security of the apps but also on how the data is collected and integrated back into the critical enterprise systems and processes. The stakes are high, as any security breach that impacts the app itself can be damaging, but it will be catastrophic if customer data or employee data is compromised.

Designing Control

For custom enterprise mobile apps, controls need to be created to make the application available for employees on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The app permissions also need to be revoked if the employee departs with the organization. A customized app can build layers of permission-based control for employees at different levels and across units within the organization too. With a customized app, all this can be achieved while maintaining the user-friendliness and elegant appeal.

Cost Vs. Benefits

Customized, cloud-based app solutions have a number of benefits that enterprises can leverage from. These apps can be deployed easily, seamlessly and can integrate with the enterprises’ existing systems. Ultimately, they can save the organization a lot of resources and costs too.

Enterprise apps aid customer-employee relationships, customer ability, revenue growth, and efficiency. It’s the one way to be future-ready!


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