Creative Mobile App Ideas

If it’s not unique, it might as well need not exist! Well, if you plan to develop a mobile app, it is essential that you brainstorm ideas and conduct a decent amount of market research and come up with at least a few original ideas.

Creative Mobile App Ideas

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Even if you feel they already exist in some parts of the world – well, they are enough to trigger a thought and let ideas flow!

Virtual jewelry Try-on

Virtual jewelry try-on is an amazing idea to begin with. You can build an AR (Augmented Reality) based app that enables users to upload their photographs and try on jewelry and then decide whether to purchase it – or try on just for fun!

Elderly Care

As people age, they need additional care and extra attention. The elderly are also becoming one of the large ‘user-base’ for mobile apps. An elderly care app that helps them plan their day, set reminders for medication or exercise schedules. Notifications for doctor’s appointments etc. is a great app idea. Other features included could be bill payments and grocery deliveries based on diet plans.

Exchange App

Many of use own stuff that we brought and haven’t used at all – or used rarely. A barter exchange app could bring together people who can exchange stuff they no longer need with those willing to take it (for something else in return). It’s a brilliant new app idea!

Wish Store

A wish store can help you keep a list of things that you wish to purchase in the future. It helps you plan your purchases and find out where they are available at optimum prices or discounts! Amazing new idea!

Hobby Community

An app for people with the same interests. So, a list of hobbies or interests can be created as categories, and people can join each community and share common interests.

Well, app ideas are abundant. Creating a unique app is a challenge. A little bit of market research and a lot of originality will definitely get you there – and soon!


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