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Chatbots: AI for Sales and Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing has had a significant impact on the way chatbots are used in recent times. Chatbots today are extremely sophisticated and versatile tools that can help you automate a number of your business processes. They are awesome tools for helping with customer care queries. Apart from that, AI-powered chatbots can be part of your marketing initiatives and help push your customers seamlessly through your sales funnel. Here are some ways chatbots can fit into your marketing strategy:

A personalized experience

Personalized interactions can completely alter the nature of any conversation. Chatbots integrate with social media and gather data about every single person that they interact with. So, these chatbots can be highly effective when interacting with customers. They can also take the conversation a step further by offering personalized shopping advice based on the customer’s purchase history.

Larger engagement capacity

Chatbots not only have the capacity to engage with customers but also retain them. Unlike other forms of marketing, chatbots keep your customers entertained for longer. They can catch your audience’s attention and also send relevant information regarding your brand, products, and services. Essentially, a Chatbot is capable of up-selling, cross-selling in a personalized, conversational and engaging way.

Reach a wider audience

Chatbots are predominantly found on social media messaging platforms. They have access to a virtually limitless audience. They can reach a new customer base by tapping into new demographics and can be integrated across multiple messaging applications. This makes you more readily available to help your customers, hence opening new opportunities to increase your sales.

Gather and analyze customer feedback and data

Chatbots offer an opportunity to gather feedback from your customers. A Chatbot softens the approach to gathering feedback by naturally introducing questions to their conversations. Additionally, with the right machine learning tools, your Chatbot can analyze feedback and other information it gathers from users, giving you more insight into what your audience truly wants. From there, you can remodel your marketing strategy to become more focused on your customer’s needs, thus creating more of an inbound marketing approach.

Other than that, chatbots can also send personalized notifications that are relevant to each user. They can proactively communicate with customers visiting your site, making your business look more active and enhances your brand experience and reputation. Chatbots can also gather the information you need and then create personalized messages that can help guide your users through the buyer’s journey. You can effectively tailor your marketing efforts to each and every lead that visits your website or social media pages.


By implementing a Chatbot into your marketing strategy, you can learn about your audience, customize your marketing efforts accordingly, reach new consumers easily and monetize your social media profiles like never before!


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