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Verve and Branders go Dutch

Ahmedabad, USA, Canada, Norway – Verve Systems, a leading provider of Mobile Apps and Web Development announces its intent to invest in Branders and Netherlands. Through our partnership, Verve System and Branders seek to strengthen its service offerings, accelerate innovation, meet customer demand more swiftly, and strengthen each other in accomplishing the company goals. Post this partnership; the combination will be strong and better resourceful to offer the best value to all our Customers. This investment ensures that industry attractiveness is preserved and the new offering can race ahead and continue to create unprecedented value for all our Customers. About Versys The company was founded by an inspired team of entrepreneurs from India, having numerous years of experience in Offshore...


Verve Kaizen Day: Rapid Improvement at a Short Span

In a previous article, "Verve Kaizen Day: Get Little Better after Each Session" we discussed what a Kaizen is and how verve projected its first event of the year. “Kaizen” is a compound Japanese word.  “Kai” means little, ongoing, and good, and “Zen” means for the better. It was really a worth start with great curiosity and enthusiasm. Now, as Verve BD team discovered the taste of improvement through Kaizen they were impatiently waiting for the second event to commence. The second Kaizen day commenced on 6th Feb 2016, which fall on the first Saturday of February. Each session was designed in a precise manner with an objective to learn in a fun way. The learning objectives behind the Kaizen were:...


Verve Kaizen Day: Get Little Better after Each Session

You all must have come across something for self-improvement! So you start making a plan. You take a notebook and start writing on what areas you need to work upon. With great enthusiasm, you spend initial 3-4 days implementing the penned down points. And what happens on the 5th day? You start missing the schedule that you were once firm about following. On the 6th day, you would be again on the same track that you used to follow before the inspiration struck you. What can be an interesting way that can keep up the motivation level and contribute to become a little better individual? Any guesses? It’s time to get off from this stereotype self-improvement roller coaster. To do so,...



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