Verve and Branders go Dutch

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Ahmedabad, USA, Canada, Norway – Verve Systems, a leading provider of Mobile Apps and Web Development announces its intent to invest in Branders and Netherlands. Through our partnership, Verve System and Branders seek to strengthen its service offerings, accelerate innovation, meet customer demand more swiftly, and strengthen each other in accomplishing the company goals.

Post this partnership; the combination will be strong and better resourceful to offer the best value to all our Customers. This investment ensures that industry attractiveness is preserved and the new offering can race ahead and continue to create unprecedented value for all our Customers.

About Versys

The company was founded by an inspired team of entrepreneurs from India, having numerous years of experience in Offshore Outsourcing business of Software Development and having perfected the model to deal with it effectively and efficiently. In a short span of time Versys has grown exponentially just by the dedication of its work and clients. From regional hubs in the United States, Canada, Norway, and India, Versys provides Mobile App, Gaming App development, BI Solution, Enterprise and Web technology solutions to customers in many countries around the world and is recognized as the global industry leader in total situational awareness. For more information, visit

About Branders

Branders is a leading IT consultancy & development company in The Netherlands with the mission to set a new social standard in the IT-Industry. The company wants to achieve a fair and honest way of working with India throughout the full industry.

To achieve this goal Branders is leading the Industry by giving the right example. With high-quality IT-development and beautiful designs for a fair price, Branders is inspiring other IT-companies to follow their lead in a fair transparent way with Indian companies.

The company was founded by two digital entrepreneurs with a sustainable vision and has grown in two years’ time towards a company working with an international and global client base from Europe till Silicon Valley. For more information, visit


Verve Kaizen Day: Rapid Improvement at a Short Span

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In a previous article, Verve Kaizen Day: Get Little Better after Each Session” we discussed what a Kaizen is and how verve projected its first event of the year. “Kaizen” is a compound Japanese word.  “Kai” means little, ongoing, and good, and “Zen” means for the better. It was really a worth start with great curiosity and enthusiasm. Now, as Verve BD team discovered the taste of improvement through Kaizen they were impatiently waiting for the second event to commence.

The second Kaizen day commenced on 6th Feb 2016, which fall on the first Saturday of February. Each session was designed in a precise manner with an objective to learn in a fun way. The learning objectives behind the Kaizen were:

  • Analyzing your personality
  • Demonstrating a case study
  • Budget Management
  • Keeping up the spirits
  • Maintaining good health

Overnight success takes a lot of years to happen. Such success deserves to stay forever. This happens with small steps. By taking small steps a human brain begins to remove obstacles, encouraging your brain to get involved in the whole process of continuous improvement.

Verve Kaizen Day
Verve Kaizen Day

What Verve BD team did on second Kaizen Day – 6th Feb 2016?

The day was divided into 4 exciting sessions which included:

1. DOPE Personality Test

The DOPE test is a self-assessment test and uses 4 main bird types to describe your personality. The four birds are Dove, Owl, Peacock, and Eagle, with each bird having unique characteristics. The Dove is known to be peaceful and friendly, the owl is known to be wise and logical, the peacock to be optimistic, and the eagle bold and decisive.

2. Project Spec Demo

A Business manager – Mr. Ravi Ranjan demonstrated the case study of Verve. How it happens to come to Verve and its ins and outs. With this session, the team learned to understand the scope of work and develop a sense of judging the opportunities.

3. Success Mantra

Sharing leads learning and with this motive, Mr. Ankit Mudaliar explained about Sachin Tendulkar – the great Indian cricket player’s success mantra. The video was played to showcase 10 ways to keep in mind while building performance. Implementing his idea of success in regular business may prove to be an effective way for an outstanding result.

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4. Good Health

A nutritionist from VLCC – Mrs. Pranita Gupta gave a lecture on food habits to maintain good health in the hectic life of IT professionals. She counseled each and every member about his current daily routine and suggested the best possible ways to change it. Team members were quite motivated and all set to change their lifestyle as per her guidelines.

Leaders can see the Kaizen day laid positive energy in each BD team member. And, they themselves would possibly feel the change and improvement while being on the work field. Being the pillar of any company – business development team need to stand smart enough in all areas. We hope these objectives are reached drop by drop with every next Kaizen. Awaiting for it!


Verve Kaizen Day: Get Little Better after Each Session

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You all must have come across something for self-improvement! So you start making a plan. You take a notebook and start writing on what areas you need to work upon. With great enthusiasm, you spend initial 3-4 days implementing the penned down points. And what happens on the 5th day? You start missing the schedule that you were once firm about following. On the 6th day, you would be again on the same track that you used to follow before the inspiration struck you.

What can be an interesting way that can keep up the motivation level and contribute to become a little better individual? Any guesses?

It’s time to get off from this stereotype self-improvement roller coaster. To do so, we planned to embrace the philosophy of small, continuous improvement. Yes, it’s Kaizen Day! Verve Systems introduced this concept while welcoming the New Year and its goals. A knowledge sharing session executed in a fun way in the business development team – which are well known as frontiers of any company.


What Verve BD team did on first Kaizen Day – 30th January 2016?

The day was divided into 4 exciting sessions which included:

1. Portfolio Quiz World
All members were divided into four teams among which anyone team members were asked to answer before the question was spelled out! The questions were based on the Verve portfolio and if he/she was not able to answer the question automatically transferred to other teams.
Motive: To enhance the knowledge of types of projects executed in the Verve house since its inception.

2. Project Spec Demo
A Business Manager demonstrated the project – House Monkey. It’s benefits! It’s challenging! Its phases and lot more to the team.
Motive: To let all the team members know the hierarchy and type of project process which is expected to come across whenever they would be in the field.

3. Joyous Extempore
Each member was allowed to pick a chit and talk whatever they know about their topic for 2 mins. They can also express their point of view in a few debatable topics.
Motive: To demolish the stage fear, enhance communication ability and frankly express an individual’s opinion.

4. Mehman Kalakar
The guest of the day Mr. Chirendu Gupta gave a lecture on out of the blue topic – Operations in Dairy Industry. The challenges and the type of work people perform while preparing various dairy products such as milk, powder, cheese and more.
Motive: To gain knowledge apart from IT business and understand what sort of processes other industries follow.

At the end of each session, everyone was asked to raise their view or query. The room got engrossed in healthy discussion and everyone left it with at least two new knowledge facts in their pocket.