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How & Why to Increase Readability in UI Design

User interfaces designed with care should be able to guide the users and take them from one logical place on your application or website to the other. If an app cannot do that, the users will leave and never return. In short, the user interface should be so easy to use and ‘readable’ that it conveys the right information, enabling users to recognize and get that information effectively and maximize the user experience. So, how can you maximize this readability in UI design? Well, the core of readability is the visual hierarchy and the core of visual hierarchy is the logicality. Ultimately, the logic that helps the user traverse your app is the key concept that affects or influences the...


AI is becoming the Company’s New User Interface UI

Moving beyond being a backend tool, AI is taking on more sophisticated roles within technology interfaces. Today, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is poised to enable companies to improve the experience and outcome for every critical interaction. AI already plays a number of roles throughout the user experience. It extensively uses machine learning to guide user actions towards the best outcomes. It is not only capable of curating certain tasks and acts based on experiences, but also learn from every interaction and help suggest and complete new tasks. These sophisticated, yet intelligent experiences are a result of interactions that are simple and clear. This means that more and more businesses have started viewing AI as more than just a technological tool and...


Gain more mobile app engagement through redesigning your app

Unless your mobile app is engaging enough for the users, there’s hardly any way you can expect any returns. Your mobile app must not only capture the user’s attention but also be captivating enough to urge the user to do more – like make a purchase or send an inquiry etc. In short, the revenue potential of your business can diminish if there is any dip in the user engagement. In an age where a large chunk of digital sales happen via mobile apps, user engagement and hence the app design have become a crucial factor for success. Every design has a shelf life. Today, the most attractive and successful designs become outdated and obsolete tomorrow. As a business, you...


How does UX matter for Mobile Apps?

The mobile application you create must strike a chord with your users. The two main elements that can be used to achieve this are the UX and the UI. What is UX and how does it impact your business? User Experience involves a person's behaviors, attitude and emotions while using a particular product or application. In order to design successful user experience, you need to take the time to ensure that every button on the screen is placed exactly where it should be or exactly where the user expects it to be. This allows the user's muscle memory to naturally figure out – how to proceed through the app – logically without too much thought. Another aspect of a great...



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