Top 5 Wearables to Welcome in 2016

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In 2016, consumers are now more insightful about wearable technology. New forms of wearable technology are going to rise this year, with many devices exhibiting more high-tech and revolutionary features.

Top 5 most anticipated wearables to watch for in 2016 are:


Without a doubt, this is the most anticipated wearable of 2016, hence, its first position on our “wearables to watch” list. The next ‘Apple Watch’ is going to hit the shelves mid this year and is coming with plenty of changes. Expect improvements that the company missed with its predecessor. Better battery life and modern design.

The battery in the Apple Watch 2 is going to last at least a full day of usage. Design-wise, Apple Watch 2 has more color options, with mature hues, with less ‘garish and childish’ and more improvements on the typography.

However, what we are excited about is the appearance of a more talkative Siri. We hope it is easier to interact with the new Apple Watch this time.


One of the long-awaited wearables is the Smart Suit by Samsung. “The suit” first appeared at the IFA 2015 in Germany, and unveiled at the CES 2016. The high-tech suit comes with NFC-powered cuffs. The cuffs can control your mobile in case you run into a quick meeting and want to turn the handset on the “do not disturb” mode.

You can also set the cuffs to a mode that lets you send your contact details to the nearby handsets, so you no longer need to bring business cards. It works with the premium handsets of the company. Don’t worry, these handsets are now more affordable through January sales, so this is the right time to own one, at a reduced rate.

Samsung Smart Suit


Another wearable that garnered much column inches from CES 2016 and also earned its place on our “wearables to watch” list is the Altra IQ. The company created a connected smart shoe for the most tech-dependent fitness user.

Thanks to its tracking device, Altra’s shoe and can measure the cadence, as well as the contact time for improved running efficiency.

According to Running Competitor, “features a multi-sensor within the length of the midsole that syncs your shoes to your smartphone.” The Altra IQ is slated to arrive in the latter months of 2016. The price tag is $199.



Number four on our “wearables to watch” is Luminous. The company is popular for its luminous clothing. Luminous has joined the wearable tech industry with their new release of the fitness-focused Lumenus Clothing line.

This athletic wear adds a layer of security to the users, whenever they go for an early morning or late-night run or cycle. They have unveiled jackets, vests, shirts, and leggings equipped with built-in LED lights.



Of course, our list of “wearables to watch” wouldn’t be complete without some virtual reality tech. One of the long-awaited VR headsets is the HTC Vive. The VR device is expected to go on sale by April 2016. It is going to compete against the full consumer edition of the Oculus Rift and the Sony Playstation VR.

The HTC Vive lets you play graphic-intensive apps, AR games, view HD films, and much more. The new HTC’s wearable can bring realism and immersion to another level when compared to the other VR headsets. There is no official price for the Vive VR headset. Not yet. However, you can pre-order your HTC Vive, starting on the 29th of February.



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