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Effects of Deep Learning on IT Services

Deep learning is findingDeep learning is finding its place in Artificial Intelligence and making AI more and smarter by the day. It involves the use of neural networks to improve speech recognition, vision and language processing in computers or robots etc. Deep learning – from being limited to the academic world, has now found an irreplaceable place in the tech world. In the tech world it enables machines to take on formerly human tasks such as translating, perceiving objects, voice recognition and lots more. It enables greater efficiency and innovation in the field of IT services. Deep learning differs from machine learning in that it doesn’t require human operators to command the machine or translate its output. Deep learning is mostly unsupervised and...


How Unity Can help you build the perfect gaming ecosystem

How Unity Can help you build the perfect gaming ecosystemUnity is a game engine that is used to create video games that can be released on multiple platforms that include computers, consoles, and mobile phones. Unity is also a great engine for working with the most popular VR platforms such as Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. It helps game developers in handling the 3D rendering, sound and the physics of the video game. The good thing about Unity is that the developer has to code just once and with a few modifications, it can be deployed on all the screens possible. Unity is also advantageous to publishers and advertisers. Ever since its launch in 2005, the game engine has gained a lot of momentum and is very popular due...


Solar Companies Adapting Technology Trends to boost customer savings

Solar Companies Adapting Technology Trends to boost customer savingsThis era of digitalization offers immense opportunities and many industries are adapting to the new tech trends. The question then arises for solar companies. How can solar companies make the most of these opportunities in digitization? How can digitization be a driver for more and more solar deployments and how can these digital trends help create new solar business models? The advent of technologies such as big data analytics, internet of things and robotics as well as blockchain will definitely influence the emergence of new solar business models while offering improvements to existing models to make them more profitable. The rise of smart buildings and smart building technologies has been a major driver in boosting customer savings. Looking ahead, solar...


What are Bots? Are you acquainted to it by now?

What are BotsAfter IoT, it seems the wave is heading towards the Bot technology. They are the future of software, one by one all the IT giants tighten their belts. The race is on - Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Oracle, and many others have started to build platforms, tools, and services for bots. Early adopters explored its development tools, bot hosting, and marketing tools to initiate the development. Enterprises who were sick of a performance of mobile app against its costs started exploring bots. The research led them to the conclusion about its remarkable difference to their business. Marketers are now interested in this new technology. Media outlets and tech magazines started mentioning it. This market has received enough attention and its progress is...



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