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Ruby on Rails

Advantages of hiring Full-Stack Developers

Things were simpler a decade ago, when developers specialized in one specific layer of the stack. Today, the industry is more dynamic and numerous now frameworks and services emerge all the time. Developers who have the ability to work with a number of technologies to provide complete solutions to businesses are called as full stack developers. Individual developers or an agency can work with all kinds of software tools that can create a unique code for a client. They are proficient in JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS etc and have the experience and knowledge to work these into the site design. They can do both – control how the site looks as well as how it functions! Here are some of...


The Top Advantages of Ruby on Rails for Web Development

It’s safe to say that Ruby on Rails is being increasingly preferred for web development by various companies. But can we regard Ruby on Rails (ROR) to be a legitimate choice for developing web applications? Here is what sets Ruby on Rails apart from the rest of the competition. ROR is Perfect for Web Technologies Ruby on Rails is a perfect fit for web technologies and absolutely ideal for building web applications. The best part about the technology is that you can get a working prototype ready, pretty quickly. Checking project feasibility is easier too. In addition, one can even assess and correct any gaps in the scope of a web application early on, in the application development cycle. Saves...



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