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Why WordPress CMS Development is now getting more popular?

WordPress CMS DevelopmentThe Internet connects people from all walks of life. It gives them a common platform to communicate, share ideas, express opinions and also allows businesses to reach out to their target audience. With several micro-blogging websites flourishing, the World Wide Web is allowing multiple people to interact with one another thereby building social relations. Weblogs, or blogs as they are popularly known have achieved mainstream popularity today as they cater to a diverse range of topics for people all across the world. One of the most admired and accepted web publishing tools is the Wordpress CMS development tool. Wordpress has gained immense recognition over the years because it lets non-technical people post content of their choice over the Internet with...


The Top Advantages of Ruby on Rails for Web Development

The Top Advantages of Ruby on Rails for Web DevelopmentIt’s safe to say that Ruby on Rails is being increasingly preferred for web development by various companies. But can we regard Ruby on Rails (ROR) to be a legitimate choice for developing web applications? Here is what sets Ruby on Rails apart from the rest of the competition. ROR is Perfect for Web Technologies Ruby on Rails is a perfect fit for web technologies and absolutely ideal for building web applications. The best part about the technology is that you can get a working prototype ready, pretty quickly. Checking project feasibility is easier too. In addition, one can even assess and correct any gaps in the scope of a web application early on, in the application development cycle. Saves...


Advantages offered by Yii Framework

Advantages offered by Yii FrameworkYii is a competitive web development framework, which is based on PHP 5. It is known to be a fantastic source for designing Web 2.0 applications and has gained widespread acclaim because of its cutting-edge technology and hassle-free approach. Most developers hail it as one of the best and the most cost-effective tools for web app development. For a marketer, Yii stands out in the web development app market. Here is a list of benefits that the framework offers to the entrepreneur: Cost effective: The framework helps in reducing the overall size of the development team because of the varied number of automation services, which help the entrepreneur to save a lot of money and time. Secured to the core:...



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