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How & Why to Increase Readability in UI Design

User interfaces designed with care should be able to guide the users and take them from one logical place on your application or website to the other. If an app cannot do that, the users will leave and never return. In short, the user interface should be so easy to use and ‘readable’ that it conveys the right information, enabling users to recognize and get that information effectively and maximize the user experience. So, how can you maximize this readability in UI design? Well, the core of readability is the visual hierarchy and the core of visual hierarchy is the logicality. Ultimately, the logic that helps the user traverse your app is the key concept that affects or influences the...


Mobile Security Tweaks For Enterprise Data

As more and more employees go mobile every day, enterprises find it increasingly difficult to keep the security knots tight and save the enterprise data from being compromised due to cyber attacks. Employees using mobile devices also access data and sensitive information that is stored on enterprise servers and cloud. But, cyber attackers pave their way through backend systems and the cloud. Some of the mobile apps intentionally pull data from mobile devices. This information is usually user location, calendar entries, access to iCloud storage, etc. Enterprise data that is accessed through such phones are at a huge risk of leaks. Mobile apps are considered as the easiest targets for security breaches and enterprise data theft. Even certain legitimate apps...


10 mobile app mistakes to avoid

Developing a mobile app takes a lot of flexibility and focus. There are just too many trends out there to follow and pay attention to – or disregard. The bottom line is, if your app does not appeal to your customer base, it may not even be worth your efforts. It’s easy to make mistakes. Be aware of the most common mistakes of mobile apps development and avoid them to build a great app: Including Too Much Brands tend to include everything that they have on the website into a mobile app. However, mobile apps require experiences that allow users to quickly accomplish a task that might take a really long time on a website. It’s crucial that businesses identify...


Challenges of Testing Mobile Apps

With the rapid proliferation of mobile devices in the market, a whole new set of challenges has been introduced in the world of mobile application testing. Mobile users download apps and expect to use them in a certain way – finding an issue out in the wild might mean – leaving the app for good! It’s imperative for mobile apps and websites to be rock solid before they are released for final implementation. Here are the most common challenges faced by the mobile application testers today: Multitude Mobile Devices There are millions of mobile devices in the market, ranging from handsets to smartphones to tabs to iPads and wearable tech devices. Mobile applications need to be compatible with such diverse...



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