Creative Mobile App Ideas

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If it’s not unique, it might as well need not exist! Well, if you plan to develop a mobile app, it is essential that you brainstorm ideas and conduct a decent amount of market research and come up with at least a few original ideas.

Creative Mobile App Ideas

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Even if you feel they already exist in some parts of the world – well, they are enough to trigger a thought and let ideas flow!

Virtual jewelry Try-on

Virtual jewelry try-on is an amazing idea to begin with. You can build an AR (Augmented Reality) based app that enables users to upload their photographs and try on jewelry and then decide whether to purchase it – or try on just for fun!

Elderly Care

As people age, they need additional care and extra attention. The elderly are also becoming one of the large ‘user-base’ for mobile apps. An elderly care app that helps them plan their day, set reminders for medication or exercise schedules. Notifications for doctor’s appointments etc. is a great app idea. Other features included could be bill payments and grocery deliveries based on diet plans.

Exchange App

Many of use own stuff that we brought and haven’t used at all – or used rarely. A barter exchange app could bring together people who can exchange stuff they no longer need with those willing to take it (for something else in return). It’s a brilliant new app idea!

Wish Store

A wish store can help you keep a list of things that you wish to purchase in the future. It helps you plan your purchases and find out where they are available at optimum prices or discounts! Amazing new idea!

Hobby Community

An app for people with the same interests. So, a list of hobbies or interests can be created as categories, and people can join each community and share common interests.

Well, app ideas are abundant. Creating a unique app is a challenge. A little bit of market research and a lot of originality will definitely get you there – and soon!


Android 10 with Features – Everything You Need to Know

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Android 10 is here with smarter features that enable and empowers users to use their devices more conveniently and responsibly.

Android 10 with features

Here’s a quick rundown of the main highlights of the update:

  • Live caption: With a single tap, Live Caption can add captions to all your videos, images and audio messages. Without needing Wi-Fi or data on your phone.
  • Smart reply: In Android 10, you get more than just suggested responses – you also get recommended actions. So, if you message a friend for a location for dinner, you also will get directions on Google Maps.
  • Sound Amplifier: With a sound amplifier feature, you can boost the sound on your phone, filter the background noise and fine-tune the sound settings such that they suit you the best. Simply plug in your headphones and everything is much clear!
  • Gesture navigation: Gestures are now quicker and more intuitive and smoother. You can go backward, forwards or pull up the home screen more easily.
  • Dark Theme: The dark theme helps keep the battery life longer. It changes how your Google apps look.
  • The newest devices: The new Android 10 supports foldable and the new 5G devices.
  • More control over data and privacy: With Android 10, you get more control over your data and privacy. You get smarter controls to help you decide how and when data on your device is shared.
  • Get security updates faster: In Android 10 you’ll get security updates sooner and faster than any of the previous versions. Security and Privacy fixes can now be sent directly from Google Play.
  • Digital wellbeing: Android 10 has tools that offer digital wellbeing to strike the right balance with technology.
  • Focus mode: You can focus better with features to block out distractions. Certain apps can be paused temporarily or you can turn off distracting apps on your phone.
  • Family Link: You can set digital ground rules for your family. You can set screen time limits and view app activity.

Android 10 offers a great deal of newer and smarter features across everything – from your camera to settings. There’s something in it for each user!

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The Importance of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

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The shift in work habits of employees has made mobile devices an integral part of enterprises. Employees now have easy access to data, and can easily communicate too. As a result, enterprises have begun focusing on developing strategic enterprise mobility solutions that help improve customer responsiveness and in turn, business growth. Enterprise mobility has the potential to offer tangible benefits by making information more accessible and business processes more streamlined.

The Importance of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Let’s take a look at why enterprise mobility solutions are important for the future:

Real-time data:

Data can be reviewed and analyzed instantly from the smartphone and necessary measures can be taken sooner. It greatly expedites the decision-making process, thus increasing efficiency.

Faster allocation of tasks:

You can quickly assign and reassign tasks to meet the demands of the company. Prompt assignment of tasks results in increased efficiency.

Greater operational efficiency:

It offers greater efficiency across the value chain: Mobility software is deployed to be perfectly in sync with the company database. Employees thus have easy access to all the relevant information to deal with customer demands in a timely manner. This helps achieve high operational efficiency.

Employee productivity:

Mobility solutions enable employees to work from any location and participate in business transactions. This kind of flexibility boosts productivity.

Enhanced collaboration:

Effective communication is the key driver for business growth and innovation. Enterprise mobility solutions facilitate teamwork and help minimize risks thus providing higher ROI (Return On Investment).

Strategic adoption of enterprise mobility solutions can have a transformative impact on organizations. It builds a collaborative culture and helps implement workplace practices – especially for large organizations. Those businesses with a complete understanding of the value of enterprise mobility solutions can gain a competitive advantage and experience improvements in operations as well as customer handling, resulting in business growth.


Effective use of Mobile Apps for the Services industry

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Businesses of all kinds have begun migrating from the physical world to the mobile realm. Whether it is a product or an eCommerce store or the service industry – mobile apps have found an irreplaceable place in the business world.

Effective use of Mobile Apps

Especially in the service industry mobile apps serve as an aid to the processes. It is essential however to understand which parts of the business needs to be converted into mobile apps and which will be unnecessary. Some mobile apps can directly be used to sell products or services to customers.

Here’s how mobile apps can be used effectively in the service industry:

Provide more value to customers

Especially in IT services, prompt answers to customer queries and customer service is of utmost importance. With Mobile Apps businesses could ensure that customers have instant access to help whenever required. This not only improves efficiency for the business but also ensures that customers are satisfied and hence remain loyal.

Build a stronger brand

Mobile apps offer regular interaction with customers and hence fosters trust among your existing customers. It also improves the awareness of your business and in turn help build a strong brand.

Connect better with customers

Unlike traditional means, customer service isn’t about face to face communication anymore. All your digital touch points matter. One of the most important of these is your mobile app. It keeps customers engaged, informed and satisfied. Mobile apps are becoming a true game changer in the service industry.

Statistics show that over 90% of the businesses plan to increase their technology investments in the next few years. Mobile apps form a greater share of these plans. After all, in the service industry, reaching out to maximum customers in the easiest way possible is the key to customer loyalty and retention and effective use of mobile apps will definitely help achieve this!