SugarCRM Development, Implementation and its Customization Advantages

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SugarCRM is a popular open source CRM software fit for enterprises, known for its adaptability and flexibility in different environments. Here are some of its features and advantages.

SugarCRM Development, Implementation and its Customization Advantages

SugarCRM is a commercial Open Source CRM software meant for diverse businesses. SugarCRM is known to easily adapt to any business environment because of its immense flexibility and cost-effectiveness. It’s open source architecture also helps companies to customize business processes for building better and profitable relationships. There are three editions of SugarCRM in vogue now: Open Source, Professional and Enterprise Edition.

SugarCRM is an excellent product since its features appeal to all types of organizations and businesses and are based on the LAMP platform.

Features of Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM features easy set-up and administration with the help of downloadable plug-ins and pre-built dashboards, with real-time information access for boosting business performance.

  • Access Control allows sharing or restriction of accessibility of data based on user roles and credentials with the “bulk import existing customer data” feature
  • Simplified account creation and management, with multiple user accounts
  • Detailed activity history of operations and routine procedures with an option for file attachments and email tracking
  • The graphical dashboard provides a single view of sales performance states in terms of outcome and opportunity, summary view of appointments, cases, and leads, sales lead creation and conversion of leads into opportunities
  • Consistent tracking of sales opportunities with a status of leads, revenue potential, along with the ability to forecast sales, sort and filter your contacts, include product or service information for revenue stream identification based on demand
  • Customer service, tracking of customer problems and resolutions with a comprehensive lifecycle of information and case links activity history for improved customer satisfaction
  • The Advanced Reporting with the help of preformatted reports that can offer insight into business operations, filter and summarize data based on leads and opportunities and the like
  • Work Flow Management with controlled movement of information, efficient assignment of tasks, a record of log contract, enhanced lead sharing automation, and synchronization of CRM details with Outlook
  • Comprehensive invoice management system to generate quotes for products and services with imported price lists for relevant info for quotes
  • Manage customer information in one central place and track key information about sales for better strategy, scheduling and internal linking of business elements
  • Share and collaborate with co-workers with a comprehensive view of customer information and sales opportunities and a transparent layout.
  • Consistent email campaign management with automatic assignment of delivery

Benefits offered by Sugar CRM

  • An integrated set of 40 business-specific and comprehensive tools
  • Web-based layout, easy to use operations, intuitive, with no training required
  • No licensing costs involved barring customization and support costs
  • Domain experts fit enough to carry out any level of customization
  • Remote development for cost-effective solution proposal
  • Wide international presence in several countries

SugarCRM provides sales professionals to effectively and efficiently monitor and direct their sales operations. It helps the managers to take control of marketing, sales, and business development teams with one-platform collaboration. SugarCRM Development Services provides a real-time view of sales opportunities with the help of prospect tracking. Additionally, the CRM solution boasts of less downtime and high efficiency.