Leveraging Microsoft Azure for your IoT Cloud

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The rapid proliferation of ‘smart devices’ in every aspect of our lives has completely transformed the way businesses work. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the Internetworking of such physical devices and the so-called ‘smart devices’ to enable them to collect and exchange data among themselves. It’s about seamlessly connecting a diverse set of things that matter the most to your business.  It also enables you to tap into the available data and uncover actionable intelligence that can completely transform the way you operate your business!

Microsoft Azure offers a cloud computing platform that is created by Microsoft that provides Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) through their global network of Microsoft Managed data-centers. It also serves as a bridge between the IoT devices and the data networks so that they are efficiently connected and are able to transmit data using the internet protocols.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure can be effectively leveraged from, to support your business’ IoT cloud.

  • It offers businesses with Infrastructure as a Service, development and deployment of web and mobile applications with features for API management. It also offers storage services and provides REST and SDK APIs for storing and accessing data on the cloud. Data management can be either NoSQL or with Database as a Service which includes the SQL database or unstructured and cached cloud storage.
  • Businesses can take advantage of pre-configured solutions and accelerate the development of their IoT cloud solutions.
  • New devices can be easily added and you can also connect to existing ones with great ease by using SDKs for multiple platforms including Linux, Windows as well as real-time operating systems.
  • Azure is globally available and enables businesses to scale from just a few sensors to millions of simultaneously connected devices.
  • Businesses can easily collect the previously untapped data and use the built-in capabilities to visualize and act on that data.
  • It eliminates the need to manage complex infrastructure and software and allows you to set up real-time analytics by using SQL based syntax efficiently and in a highly resilient way.
  • It has a vast algorithm library to extend predictive analytics solutions and machine learning solutions.
  • It’s easy to integrate with your systems and applications – including Salesforce, SAP and Oracle Database.
  • Has enhanced security features with per-device authentication where you can set up individual identities and credentials for each of your connected devices so as to maintain the confidentiality of cloud-to-device as well as device-to-cloud messages.

Above all, cloud administrators get excellent features for managing, scheduling as well as running automated jobs. The overall operating efficiency is greatly improved with the implementation of Microsoft Azure for your business’ IoT Cloud.

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Why you should Switch to Office 2016?

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Like the office 2013, the office 2016 is filled with new spectacular features and useful tools, making it a very important advancement. The office 2016 has many new things you should know about.

While Microsoft office 2013 was based upon storing your documents in the cloud and had some sound improvements, the office 2016 has made the sharing much easier across all devices. Unlike previous versions of offices, office 16 is not limited to your desktop pc or laptop because it’s on every device now. The document can be created on the desktop pc using office which can be edited using a mobile phone that makes it reliable and efficiently more than any other software introduced.

Excel 2016
Microsoft finds it necessary to furnish the Excel which it improves by introducing a chart of six sheets. Along with this, it comes in a beautiful grey theme which looks stunning when working on excel.


Word 2016
The Microsoft word is been updated with a few good skills. The word has been made more intelligent with some nice features which assist a user to use the word without any problem. For example, if a user hurdles in inserting a chart, he could search for that in the search menu which has found to be effective.

The biggest update in a word is real-time authoring. This is completely a new change in the word that is not introduced before. With the help of this feature, you can see what others are typing in real time when numerous people are editing a document stored on one of Microsoft’s cloud services. This can help you to stop a coworker from making a particular change via Skype that will minimize the wastage of time.

Word 2016

The best feature which deserves to be praised is the “sway” which embraces the idea of sharing and cloud-powered documents. Sway allows anyone to create a beautiful website from images and text without any effort.


Microsoft has also added the email organization that filters your emails by clearing the low priority messages into a separate folder and the importance once in the separate. This can help the person to respond to the emails quickly while minimizing the chances of loss of any email.

Microsoft keeps its trend of introducing new compelling and useful features in its updates which are truly making the lives of a worker easier than before. If you are using office 2013, then it is the time to revert to office 2016 because it will help you produce better in a short time.


Using Umbraco 7 to Develop an ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications

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Umbraco is the perfect choice for effective content management of many organizations because of its simplicity, open-source licensing and limitless capability. Umbraco is a highly customizable content management system that is not only simple to use but also robust enough to run the most complex websites.

Using Umbraco 7 to develop an ASP.NET MVC 4 Web applications

Organizations today are functioning in a dynamic environment. In order to meet business requirements and remain ahead of the competition, companies need to build and manage complex applications so as to ensure tangible business outcomes. A feature-rich, user-friendly website with excellent web designing is what makes a business exceptional. Having a great web presence is paramount to ensure good visibility and boost online sales.

One of the most plausible ways of developing a world-class website is to deploy them.Net framework. The .Net framework is easy to deploy and has a faster time to market that leads to enhanced performance. It facilitates the integration of multiple programming languages enabling Microsoft .Net developer to choose the most suitable language to develop the application. The framework includes technologies that make applications more reliable, adaptable and safe.

However, a successful website is one that employs effective content management to ensure the right amount of information is broadcast to the right audience at the right time. Umbraco is a feature-rich, open source content management system built on the the.Net framework. It is widely employed by organizations to organize, publish and facilitate collaborative content creation on the World Wide Web. Umbraco’s latest version, Umbraco 7 features all the advantages of its previous version enriched with a completely new, remarkably fast and simple user interface.

Using Umbraco 7, developers can build custom ASP.Net web applications; it has the flexibility to run anything from small static websites to complex applications for some of the largest organizations in the world. Umbraco is easy to use and develop ASP.Net MVC 4 web applications, making it perfect for Microsoft.Net developers, web page designers and content creators to build good quality web applications. Due to its popularity, it is supported by an active community that provides round the clock professional support and tools. The community also offers ready-to-use packages that not only save time but also lead to enhanced productivity. Its top-notch performance characteristic ensures a great experience for website users. The fully customizable, built-in search feature has the ability to accommodate the most complex of search criteria.

Umbraco offers great features like flexibility and scalability making it easy for developers to build, manage and maintain custom websites. It is also highly extensible; using Umbraco one can customize any of the features or add new features. Existing ASP.Net controls can be easily integrated into Umbraco without modification. Its add-ons, extensions, and skins make building and managing web applications an enjoyable experience.

Umbraco also offers multilingual support in order to build web applications in the language of your preference. Using Umbraco Development, Microsoft.Net Developers have full control over design and markup ensuring there are no limitations to design. Umbraco allows customers to organize, manage and publish content online with ease. Websites developed using Umbraco ensure effective organization, management, and publishing of content.


Microsoft Windows Azure and its Enhanced Security with Regards to Cloud Computing

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Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform, which is quite popular with enterprises. It’s enhanced security measures are conducive for companies to utilize the platform in the present as well as the future.

Microsoft Windows Azure and its Enhanced Security with Regards to Cloud Computing

With the advent of the cloud computing platforms, enterprises are experiencing a paradigm shift in development wherein they need to consider the cloud perspective. Designing and building new applications need to be done with respect to the cloud architecture too. The key factors responsible for hosting applications to the cloud include flexibility, scalability, reduced costs, 24 x 7 availability, geographical access and lower total cost of ownership.

Cloud computing involves data storage in the cloud including the SDKs and databases. It allows execution in various forms and even trounces enterprise boundaries. Execution of codes in robust infrastructure is managed efficiently and in an elastic fashion in the cloud, meaning that it is reliable and set according to pre-defined quality parameters ensured as per current actual requirements.

It supports multiple languages and integrates with your present infrastructure and environment. To build applications for Windows Azure, one can utilize their existing Microsoft Visual Studio expertise. Additionally, Microsoft Azure is known to align with popular standards, protocols, and languages which makes it an efficient and secure cloud platform.

Though Azure development supports PHP or Java, .NET is the prime and preferred language for developers. After installing the Azure SDK, which contains a set of client classes for managed .NET API, one can proceed with the development of applications and databases. The local deployment environment is made up of the “Development Fabric,” for deployment of applications, and the “Development Storage,” for a mock-up of cloud storage services. During normal development, developers can simultaneously deploy and debug through the development environment.

Here are some of the most important benefits of Microsoft Windows Azure which guarantees enhanced security, than many other cloud platforms:

  • Agility: Developers would find a host of development tools to take advantage of including automated service management and increased data center presence internationally to respond faster to diverse customer needs. With its agility, enterprises can focus on spelling out competitive differentiators and explore new markets for expansion.
  • Efficiency: Windows Azure is known for delivering improved productivity and high operational efficiency because of reduced capital costs. Customers and partners can actually realize a huge reduction in the total cost of operations as well as reduced workloads in a short period of about three years. Windows Azure relies on consumption-based pricing, discounted packages, and personalized offerings for partners thus lowering the overall barrier to making a foray into cloud services adoption for the first time and thus boosting a predictable IT spend.
  • Focus on Value: The prime reason for Windows Azure Focus on delivering services and value to your customers – and not on infrastructure management. Windows Azure enables enterprises to spend time in countering threats of security by allowing to spend less time on operational hurdles and helping you to focus on crucial competitive differentiators.
  • Simplicity: Make use of existing developmental skills in familiar languages such as .NET, and even open source languages like Java and PHP to create and manage applications and services.
  • Trustworthy: Windows Azure delivers enterprise-class service with reliable service level agreements based on Microsoft’s incredible services experience.

Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Computing provides developers with a flexible computer and storage facility for hosting, scaling and managing web applications through data centers.