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Leveraging Microsoft Azure for your IoT Cloud

Leveraging Microsoft AzureThe rapid proliferation of ‘smart devices’ in every aspect of our lives has completely transformed the way businesses work. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the Internetworking of such physical devices and the so-called ‘smart devices’ to enable them to collect and exchange data among themselves. It’s about seamlessly connecting a diverse set of things that matter the most to your business.  It also enables you to tap into the available data and uncover actionable intelligence that can completely transform the way you operate your business! Microsoft Azure offers a cloud computing platform that is created by Microsoft that provides Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) through their global...


Why you should Switch to Office 2016?

Like the office 2013, the office 2016 is filled with new spectacular features and useful tools, making it a very important advancement. The office 2016 has many new things you should know about. While Microsoft office 2013 was based upon storing your documents in the cloud and had some sound improvements, the office 2016 has made the sharing much easier across all devices. Unlike previous versions of offices, office 16 is not limited to your desktop pc or laptop because it’s on every device now. The document can be created on the desktop pc using office which can be edited using a mobile phone that makes it reliable and efficiently more than any other software introduced. Excel 2016 Microsoft finds...


Using Umbraco 7 to Develop an ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications

Using Umbraco 7 to develop an ASP.NET MVC 4 Web applicationsUmbraco is the perfect choice for effective content management of many organizations because of its simplicity, open-source licensing and limitless capability. Umbraco is a highly customizable content management system that is not only simple to use but also robust enough to run the most complex websites. Organizations today are functioning in a dynamic environment. In order to meet business requirements and remain ahead of the competition, companies need to build and manage complex applications so as to ensure tangible business outcomes. A feature-rich, user-friendly website with excellent web designing is what makes a business exceptional. Having a great web presence is paramount to ensure good visibility and boost online sales. One of the most plausible ways of developing a world-class...


Microsoft Windows Azure and its Enhanced Security with Regards to Cloud Computing

Microsoft Windows Azure and its Enhanced Security with Regards to Cloud ComputingWindows Azure is a cloud computing platform, which is quite popular with enterprises. It's enhanced security measures are conducive for companies to utilize the platform in the present as well as the future. With the advent of the cloud computing platforms, enterprises are experiencing a paradigm shift in development wherein they need to consider the cloud perspective. Designing and building new applications need to be done with respect to the cloud architecture too. The key factors responsible for hosting applications to the cloud include flexibility, scalability, reduced costs, 24 x 7 availability, geographical access and lower total cost of ownership. Cloud computing involves data storage in the cloud including the SDKs and databases. It allows execution in various forms and...



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