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AI for Marketing & Sales: Your Friendly Chat Bot

One of the most recent buzzworthy technologies has been machine learning. AI and machine learning have completely changed the way people interact with businesses in the most simplistic ways – chatbots. Chatbots are a boon to businesses as they supplement human customer service requirements and help boost sales. These are typically the chat boxes that are seen on the bottom right corner of the screens to interact with website visitors and address some of the basic queries. Chatbots are rules based programs that respond to certain words and phrases with preprogrammed answers. Especially for customer service, they are capable of gathering some basic information. Advanced chatbots use machine learning to create more authentic and personalized user experience for users. These...


How to build secure IoT Ecosystem

The one area where a number of exploits is exploding, is the rapidly growing IoT market. Security in designing these systems many times tends to be an afterthought, but in case of IoT, there are a number of considerations including access security (authentication), data security (encryption and security analytics (policy based controls). The Internet of Things relies on the connectivity of devices through the internet to gather and centralize data for use in analytics or to expose data to a user. This introduction of internet to access devices makes them an easy target at many levels – The Data Center (Public or private cloud), The Gateways (intermediary communication gateways and Endpoint devices (Distributed IoT devices.) Access Security Authentication plays an...


Risks Associated with Implementing IoT

IoT has the potential to empower businesses and create opportunities to develop new services and products that will offer increase convenience and satisfaction for end users and customers. IoT is beneficial not only for individual user, but also for enterprises. Enterprise mobility management is one of the examples of the impact of IoT devices.  There are a number of implementations of Iot, however, despite the opportunities there are also a number of risks involved. Any device that can be connected via internet has an embedded operating system deployed in its firmware and vulnerabilities are present in virtually all of them. Similar threats will likely proliferate among IoT devices as they catch on. Enterprises must be aware of these issues and...


Home Security and IoT

The rise in awareness of IoT and the desire to have a smart home has had a significant impact on the way people include technology in home security today. IoT used in home innovation and security allows people to control their lights, locks, heating, radios and camera security from their phones. You can monitor just about anything from anywhere in the world! So, what does this mean for home owners? It really means that as technology continues to take over, there will be one time when the home security will be tight enough and there will be a massive drop in break ins – even attempts to break in for that matter. IoT makes a lot of things possible in...



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