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Advantages of using MEAN stack over LAMP stack for developing apps

mean-lamp-bigMEAN stack is a technology that provides full stack Javascript solution that helps you build fast, robust and easily maintainable web applications using MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. MEAN stack is more modern and challenging than LAMP stack. It offers flexibility and lots of features for building single and multi page web applications. M – MongoDB – cross platform document- oriented database classified as no-SQL database. E – ExpressJS – Express is a minimal and flexible node.js web application framework that provides robust set of features for building multipage and hybrid web applications. A – AngularJS is an open source framework maintained by Google. The framework’s goal is to augment browser based applications with Model View Controller capability that makes...


How to build secure IoT Ecosystem

The one area where a number of exploits is exploding, is the rapidly growing IoT market. Security in designing these systems many times tends to be an afterthought, but in case of IoT, there are a number of considerations including access security (authentication), data security (encryption and security analytics (policy based controls). The Internet of Things relies on the connectivity of devices through the internet to gather and centralize data for use in analytics or to expose data to a user. This introduction of internet to access devices makes them an easy target at many levels – The Data Center (Public or private cloud), The Gateways (intermediary communication gateways and Endpoint devices (Distributed IoT devices.) Access Security Authentication plays an...


Advantages of implementing Bimodal IT

As technology begins to play a larger role in business, the role of the IT department is gradually shifting from being a back office function to a business driver. The IT department is expected to keep the technology ‘on’ so that businesses can operate efficiently. However, in today’s fast paced world, a lot more is expected from the IT department. Technology needs to manage two separate, coherent modes of IT delivery, one focused on stability and the other focused on agility. This is exactly what bimodal IT is! Well, it all sounds good in theory but is it as good in practice too? Traditionally IT departments focus on providing stability and business continuity for running operations smoothly and efficiently. They...



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