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Custom Mobile Apps and the Enterprise

While the enterprise mobile application market is still nascent, it is quite clear that it is a critical factor for success from both – the customer’s perspective as well as for the employees. Many enterprises consider mobile strategy at the top of their priority list. Yet, many times it is unclear to enterprises whether they should create a mobile app from scratch, use an app that requires customization, or purchase an app “off the shelf” from an app store. Here’s why a custom mobile app for enterprises is the better option: The complexities Managing custom mobile applications sometimes introduces complexities in the organization even if the app is being built for a selected number of platforms. The major problem, however, is...


How Healthcare can leverage Machine Learning

How Healthcare can leverage Machine LearningOne of the long-standing challenges in the healthcare informatics has been the ability to deal with the sheer variety and volume of the disparate data that is available and the increasing need to derive veracity and value out of it.   With the proliferation of smart, wearable health devices coupled with remote monitoring systems afford providers with better opportunities to assess their patient’s health outside the traditional settings. Unhealthy behaviour can be identified and precautions can be taken before the situation worsens. With the rise of sophisticated algorithms and machine learning, providers can now not only identify, but also predict adverse health events and in turn, facilitate customized care as per patient requirements. Well, earlier interventions lead to fewer complications!...


Benefits of 3D Printing in Healthcare

Benefits of 3D Printing in Healthcare3D printing is an additive manufacturing process where a digital model is turned into a solid three-dimensional physical object by adding materials layer by layer. The most advanced and exciting applications of 3D printing can be found in the world of healthcare and medicine where it is used to replicate complex organs that sustain our bodies. For example, with this technology, it’s now possible to print an outer ear from the hydrogel, human cells and silver nano particles which looks and operates exactly like a human ear. Another striking example of this technology is the ability to print human skin which could be highly beneficial for burn victims and for those suffering from some kind of skin conditions.   Here’s...


How wearables and data analytics can boost patient health?

How wearables and data analytics can boost patient healthThe arrival of wearables is increasingly becoming significant for any of the pharma requisitions. Everybody can say this is my data and this is my question. The insights, analytics, and visualizations help to boost patient health, improve outcomes, streamline manual processes and facilitate exploration of newer avenues in medical research and epidemiology. ANALYTICAL INSIGHTS OFFERED 1. Wearables can be employed for monitoring and gathering vital data pertaining to patients in real time as well as historic modes. 2. Cardiac health can be monitored by making the patient use wearable which will continuously collect and transmit data for comprehensive analysis in and off clinic. 3. Data from diverse segments of wearers can be aggregated for carrying out epidemiological studies. Healthcare analysts...



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