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Want to build highly interactive game? Unity 3D is the answer

Fewer efforts and greater productivity – that’s why cross-platform tools are becoming popular among developers. Well, building apps and especially games have been greatly simplified with Unity 3D, a commercially available multi-platform game engine used for the production of 2d and 3D video games as well as non-game interactive simulations and visualizations. This platform is known to have a combination of power, flexibility, and ease of use that makes it so popular among the developer community. Here’s how Unity 3D is the answer to building highly interactive games: Unity supports all the relevant features for the integration of different social media platform SDKs. With the graphical editor it is very easy to design and layout unity scenes, insert objects, scripts,...


Pokemon Go- Will it Support Google Cardboard in Near Future?

The world is going crazy with the launch of augmented reality's killer app - 'Pokemon Go' since a week. Will it be killing further as virtual reality app too? The adoption rate is quite high and therefore the launch of this app have been limited to three countries. Fans have discovered an interesting mention of Google Cardboard within the app. Settings>>Licenses - The details of software that developer Niantic used is listed in this section as “The following Open Source Software and 3rd Party Libraries went in to the making of Pokemon Go.” He started itself with Google Cardboard. It is a bit surprising as the expectation of this app increases to support a low-end headset in the app? Why...


How Technology have Shaped the World of Mobile Games

mobile gamingIf we look back at the start of the gaming industry, we all used to love games like snakes and bubble bounce. These games became pretty famous among the people after the launch by Nokia phone. The success of ‘Snake’ game paved the way for the whole mobile phone industry and mark the beginning of mind-blowing games. The ‘Bounce’ game was a classic game again by Nokia and it offered something new in each level that became the reason for its popularity. Well if we take a look at the increasing popularity of the gaming industry, we will know some major reasons for that, like below: There is no doubt about the increasing interest and sales of iPad and tablets...


Trends of Mobile Gaming Industry in Future

Mobile Gaming IndustryThe mobile gaming industry is growing quickly and the nature of mobile games has been challenging to say the least. Latest mobile gaming market insights reveal that the competition between vendors has risen drastically over the last year. Gaming publishers are trying their very best to offer mobile games which have huge retention power, easy game accessibility across the ages, infectious charm and consistent playability at all levels. To make the most of the opportunity and to overcome challenges, gaming publishers are referring to futuristic trends and insights shared by top analyst firms, while concentrating on boosting revenue growth. The market trends are shared in the form of game marketing metrics. The mobile app development market is expected to grow...



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