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Event Planning for eCommerce Flash Sales

To begin with, a flash sale is when products are available in limited quantities, at discounted prices and for a limited time. A sense of urgency is created and this leads to higher sales volumes as well as extra market attention. The urgency to save on high-value items before time runs out incentivizes customers to make quick purchases and encourages them to shop at your store. So, after you have tried out all the usual sales tactics, running a flash sale for eCommerce store could be just what your store needed. It drives higher than normal traffic to your store and hence it is essential that your pre-plan a number of things to take full advantage of the flash sale....


Impact of ML in the Ecommerce industry

Impact of ML in the Ecommerce industryA lot has changed in the ecommerce industry over the past decade. Technology has been one of the most crucial drivers for these changes. With AI and machine learning becoming ever more integrated into our daily lives, ecommerce is not far from being influenced by machine learning. As ecommerce continues to grow by 20% every year, technology will keep playing an important role in how customers interact with online stores. Further, mobiles will be responsible for around 70% of the total ecommerce traffic. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will enable handling of over 80% of the customer interactions. Here’s how machine learning will impact ecommerce in the near and distant future: Customer shopping experiences: Machine learning allows ecommerce businesses to...


How is Drop-Shipping used in Ecommerce?

How is Drop-Shipping used in EcommerceThe only difference between drop shipping and the standard retail model is that the merchant that is selling does not own the inventory or stock it. Instead, suitable wholesalers are sought for the fulfilment of orders. Many times the merchant never sees or handles the product! The main advantage of such a model is that it is possible to launch an ecommerce store without too much initial investment. Traditionally, ecommerce stores’ biggest challenge was to stock up inventory before launch. With drop-shipping, you do not have to buy the product unless you have already made a sale. Getting started It’s easier to begin when you do not have to worry about the basics of the quantity of products in stock,the...


Ecommerce in the Era of Mobility

Ecommerce in the Era of MobilityNet mobility ushered in by increased affordability and penetration of smartphones. It has taken e-commerce to the next level and added a new dimension for its exponential growth. How can m-commerce revolutionize your business? Buyers are thrilled to discover the vividness of apps that have catered exclusively to their shopping needs. This has motivated to spend on the items of their needs and whims. If you have been thinking of alluring prospective buyers with eye-catching offers and discounts, the mobile platform is best suited. It will be the best source to immediately get the news around like wildfire. Qualified leads would overwhelm your mobile platform’s site to avail the offers. Smartphones are getting sleeker, smarter and affordable with each passing...



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