How GDPR will affect the business in the App world

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) serves to protect data and allow citizens to exercise greater control over how organizations use their data. But, what’s in it for app developers? How will it affect businesses in the app world?

Here are some of the ways in which the data privacy policy and recent changes to the GDPR will most likely impact the app development process. It’s important that app owners understand how GDPR affects their products directly.

  • It’s crucial that your language in the end user license agreement of your product’s data privacy policy explicitly states that any data that the app collects will be securely stored within the app’s system.
  • The app owners should also focus on providing users with the option to delete their accounts and all the data associated with it from the system.
  • Some of the apps also rely on third parties for data analytics features. App owners of such apps must also ensure that these analytics packages are also compliant with the GDPR rules.
  • App owners must also re-evaluate their security protocols and the tools they use for the same. The manners in which passwords are stored also need to be in compliance with the GDPR rules.
  • Especially products and apps that serve the EU customers will need urgent revision and compliance with the GDPR policy. App owners can put temporary restrictions until the changes are made.

So, as app owners, businesses need to check their past projects and future app development projects to ensure that they prioritize compliance with GDPR and that data privacy policy changes.

It’s not only about following a new set of regulations. For most businesses, it’s about letting your customers know that you as a company value their privacy and are willing to take action to protect it.