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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The Importance of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The Importance of Enterprise Mobility SolutionsThe shift in work habits of employees has made mobile devices an integral part of enterprises. Employees now have easy access to data, and can easily communicate too. As a result, enterprises have begun focusing on developing strategic enterprise mobility solutions that help improve customer responsiveness and in turn, business growth. Enterprise mobility has the potential to offer tangible benefits by making information more accessible and business processes more streamlined. Let’s take a look at why enterprise mobility solutions are important for the future: Real-time data: Data can be reviewed and analyzed instantly from the smartphone and necessary measures can be taken sooner. It greatly expedites the decision-making process, thus increasing efficiency. Faster allocation of tasks: You can quickly assign...


Enterprise Mobility: Are you aware what challenges it brings?

Enterprise Mobility Are you awareMobile solutions have always been a progressive genre. It definitely brings significant productivity. However, enterprise mobility is still grappling with some challenges. These must be overcome to ensure streamlined implementation of this amazing technology. Security Direct app installation in personal devices pose security ad compliance problems that endanger the integrity of sensitive corporate information Access to personally identifiable information on corporate networks from endpoints can cause serious security breaches Mobile data access Haphazard storage of company data on a multitude of workstations causes a problem in accessing an entire array of info under one roof while on the go Ensuring security, consistency, and fortification of networks and mobile devices from which data is being accessed by multiple workforces Offering immunity...


Impact of Multiple Operating Systems on Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Impact of multiple operating systems on enterprise mobile strategyDiverse mobile operating systems even in the popular category is skewing enterprise mobile strategy and making it vulnerable to security attacks. Enterprises need to come up with unique ways to safeguard critical information from wanton access. Multiple Platforms, Multiple Problems Different constituencies have different perspectives on mobile computing. Some might want to extend their enterprise applications with mobility while some would need to keep the mobile workforce connected to stay informed. The drive towards mobility is driven mostly from within the organization and hence enterprises have had to resort to device-specific development frameworks to satisfy urgent needs without actually thinking of the path of integration, security measures, ongoing maintenance and support and the like. Conflicting demands have created growing disparity...



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