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Adopt to Social Media tactics to grow your business

There is a world of difference when you use social media for personal use and when you aim to harness it for business growth. Especially small business with slowly growing audiences might have a harder time trying to get customers to notice their business and like or follow them. In order to realize the long term potential of social media, businesses not only need to focus on promoting your products and services, but also need to understand what your customers want and need. Here’s how you can adopt a social media strategy to grow your business: Identify business goals You simply cannot move forward without knowing what you want – identifying business goals is by far the most important part...


Impact of Digital Marketing on Healthcare Industry

Impact of Digital Marketing on Healthcare IndustryHealthcare and medical industry have been impacted considerably by online trends and digital marketing and in a good way. The new trends spell out the future too! Digital marketing applies commercial marketing strategies for public health promotions and is known to be effective on a population level and that practitioners can contribute to its success too. Digital marketing in healthcare has immense potential to affect major social problems if well utilized. The “four Ps” of marketing (place, price, product, and promotion) stand in good stead in this regard as these methods include using behavioral theory for influencing patient behavior and induces receptivity of audiences to messages with credibility and likeability. Digital marketing relevant to healthcare: Communication channels have become two-way...


The Most Effective Strategy for Lead Generation – SEO Vs. PPC

SEO-Vs-PPCSearch engine optimization and Pay-per-click optimization are both online marketing strategies for generating leads for business. If given an option, let us judge which one is more effective. Boosting traffic to your website does not come easy. There are a plethora of internet marketing strategies for the same, but there are two basic options, which include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or search engine optimization (SEO). One can build traffic for free by boosting the high rankings in natural search results or opt for paid traffic through PPC campaigns. One needs to follow standard best practices for SEO to ricochet the sites displayed on these pages right to the top. It might take some time for the site to achieve the top...



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